Turkey is, by a mile, one of the best countries that is just a short haul flight away from the United Kingdom. Anyone that has been there knows that this statement is an absolute fact! Holidays to Turkey are one of the best things that a family can choose to do, not only a family but also a group of friends and also couples. There is everything you need to have a great holiday in this vast country. From the moment you step off the plane and meet the lovely people of Turkey you will know that you have made the right choice by booking your holiday there. It is such a big country that no matter what you love to do when on holiday you will find that it is all waiting for you in Turkey, from beaches, ancient ruins and bustling cities, it’s all in Turkey! Here are 3 great reasons why everyone should love this beautiful country. I could have course made an endless list! Have you been to Turkey? If so, do you agree with my list? If there’s anything that you would have added then please do comment below to let everyone else know just how special this place is.

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The Weather

Do you like it cold? Do you like it hot? Which ever you prefer you can find it in Turkey. If you’re looking for a great destination for a beach holiday then Turkey has that in abundance. The same goes for people that like to have a bit of a chill on their travels, there are plenty of regions in this massive country where you will have to wrap up warm whilst hiking and see the mind blowing sites. You may always assume it’s hot, so check your designation before making a final decision.

The People

Yes, Turkey has the nicest people in the world. I have visited so many countries where I have been blown away by the kindness of the locals but no where compares to the warmth I felt from the Turkish people. No issue was too big or too small for people to help. It is such a nice feeling knowing that you can turn to a stranger in the street for help, if they don’t speak English you know that they will find someone who does!

The Food

Absolutely amazing! It’s the tastiest food that you will ever eat. Forget about the kebabs that you’ve eaten from that dodgy take away in the early hours of the morning and get ready for a party in your mouth! The best thing about the food is that it is always fresh and the price is unbelievably low! You can eat for as little or as much as you like, the now thing that won’t change are the tasty flavours!


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