Essex is a non-metropolitan county located northeast of the city of London.  This county is visited by well-known artists like painters and horticulturists from all over the world to witness its diverse landscapes. The flora and fauna of this county is perfect just as it is.  It boasts many remarkable nature reserves with numerous gardens that are all worth your visit. Lively coastal towns with remote beaches are seen in Essex, but there is more to see and experience in this beautiful county. Read through to get more information on what to do when visiting Essex.5 things to do in Essex
Layer Marney Tower
 Layer Marney Tower is made from a rare mixture of brick and terracotta. The tower dates back from the 1520’s which was created by Henry the 1st of Lord Marney and was constructed in the first half of Henry VIII’s time in power.  Layer Marney Tower has been considered as the tallest Tudor Gatehouse in all of Great Britain. It has just opened its gardens to the public dating from the 1st of April until the 30th of September 2012 with a small admission fee. It is a Grade II listed building in English Heritage sites. You can also book your wedding ceremony and have your reception in the tower itself. This tower will surely take you back in time when visiting.Layer Marney Tower
Colchester Castle
 Colchester Castle is the largest and last surviving example in all of Europe. The building of this infrastructure began between 1069 and 1076 and stopped in 1080 from the fear of the Viking invasion and completed around 1100. This castle is made with massive vaults from the ruined Temple of Claudius and signifies the largest Norman Keep in Europe. It is now a historic place and made to cater tourists from all over the world to witness a castle built to last for a lifetime. It’s best to spend a day and explore with family and friends to experience how Colchester evolved in 2000 years.colchester castle
Hadleigh Farm
 A commercial farm owned by the Salvation Army in Essex. You can experience and learn how to be involved in its environmental and social progress while visiting. Hadleigh Farm is popular for its tea rooms where they serve great food with a very local ambiance.  The farm also has animals like ponies, pigs and goats that your kids can play. They also sell local produce for a very reasonable price. So, why not visit and enjoy a day in a great green environment.Hadleigh farm Essex
White water rafting at Lee Valley Park
 You can visit the White Waters at Lee Valley Park, if you are an adrenaline rush seeker. It expands 26 miles along the river banks of Lee, starting from Ware in Herthfordshire going through Essex until the Thames of East India Rock Basin. If you choose a relaxing day, you can also enjoy exploring the vast acre of land in this park. They also offer some activities such as kayaking or canoeing. Once you are there, for sure you will be tempted to do these activities, so better be ready and get your trip pumping for a day of fun!White water rafting at Lee Valley Park
RHS Garden Hyde Hall
 RHS Garden Hyde Hall is a 360 acre garden. This Essex garden has been an inspiration for its visitors across the globe. It offers an array of different plants and landscaped gardens that surely will captivate your green thumb. They also host events like farmer’s markets and Grow Your Own talk which is about learning how to grow and use herbs. This place is very educational for tourists who are fond of their gardens back home and best for landscapists who want to learn more about their profession. Surely, it won’t disappoint you as the scenery can also be a memorable picture built to last in your thoughts.RHS Garden Hyde Hall

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