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How to live it up in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is an internationally renowned party spot where young people, especially Spring Breakers, get “loco.” Considered the Las Vegas South of the Border, it’s a place where hedonism and debauchery rules. Grab some friends, check into one of the sleek Cabo San Lucas villas for rent, and prepare yourself for one hell of […]

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Release the shackles of home and go travelling

Many of us want to go travelling and experience different cultures, but the trappings of everyday life can pen us in and hold us back. With the mortgage, friends and family, it can be very easy to put on hold what you really want to do with your own life in order to keep everyone […]

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Explore the Curious Coastline of Dalaman

Turkey may not be the first place to spring to mind when you’re planning your weekend getaway, but take a second look and you will see Dalaman offers much to get excited about. A busy and expanding international airport makes Dalaman an efficient gateway destination for exploring the wider country of Turkey, but millions of […]

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The Hawaiian Islands – Ideal for a Cheap Holiday?

Beautiful Hawaii with its summer temperatures of 29°C and winter temperatures of 25°C has six major islands that demand your attention. Cheap holidays here can certainly help you discover their perfect attributes and each year thousand of people decide to do just this! Here’s a little sneak peek of what to expect when you head […]

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Spooky Ghost Tours in Australia

Spooky Ghost Tours in Australia Australia is an amazing country that has many different places of interest throughout cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. In many of these cities and in other more remote areas of the country, you are sure to find spots that have a vast history behind them. With old, historic […]

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Top 5 Destinations for 2013

If you want to visit somewhere with a difference this year and fancy a change from the usual sun, sand and sea in the Mediterranean, you should try one of these five resorts that come highly recommended by the travel experts at Bales Worldwide. Japan First on the list is Japan, a land where ancient […]

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Go diving in El Gouna

The crystal clear waters of the Red Sea make it an excellent destination for a diving holiday. There’s so much to see – and you can see it, thanks to the superb visibility. It’s so close to Europe that it’s an easy hop by plane, yet it’s a world away in terms of the experience. Image by […]

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Why Going on a Cruise is Better than Flying

Boats are awesome. Cruise lines are much more awesome. They have everything you need and are way, way better than the mile-high houses you get. We’re talking city versus houses here and if  that’s not enough proof to convince you, here are some more reasons why cruising is better than flying any day. Fees, Baggage, […]

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On the Road in a Conversion Van

Every month the bills roll around and it’s required of you to fork out some money. Kids need shoes, the spouse needs clothes, and the never-ending battle of trying to have some payroll left over for some fun seems like a faraway goal. Throwing a vacation in the middle of all of that can be […]

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Top Greek destinations for relaxing breaks

johnny ward travel

Thanks to its brilliant combination of sun, spectacular scenery and diverse attractions, Greece is a sure-fire winner when it comes to relaxing breaks. When I was researching my next holiday, I must admit I did find it pretty hard deciding exactly where in Greece would be best for this kind of getaway; so, I thought […]

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How to prepare for a walking holiday alone

Going on a walking holiday by yourself can seem like the ideal way for you to unwind and enjoy a […]

Trekking in Sandals: Can it be done?

With the considerable advancements made in footwear technology in the past couple decades, performance sandals have come a long way […]

Rock Climbing Shoe Basics  

For anyone getting into a new sport, especially one that comprises some measure of danger, it can be intimidating to […]

A Guide to Touring the Samaria Gorge

Crete has many of the island charms that frequent many of the surrounding islands in the Ionian Seas. Pristine beaches, […]

Time for a cuppa: afternoon tea in Newcastle

Is there anyone who doesn’t love afternoon tea? A meal that was actually invented with relaxation and refreshment in mind, […]