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Charity working whilst abroad

Voluntary work will change your life. See the world, meet new friends from an array of cultures and backgrounds, and make a contribution to the environment or a community. It can be hard work, but with the challenges force you to use your initiative and gain self-confidence in return. Not only that, but you’ll leave […]

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Top 5 activities to try in the Seychelles

The Seychelles – a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean – is famed for its warm climate and abundance of fun activities to try. Only a few are habitable, but there is enough to do in the region’s capital Victoria alone to keep you occupied for weeks. Other than keeping cool in picturesque hotels such as […]

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The Best Beaches in the Caribbean

A holiday to the Caribbean is synonymous with the search for the ultimate beach paradise. Here is a guide to some of the best beaches you’ll find in the Caribbean:  Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Island Cayman Islands are a favorite getaway of many, and the long crescent of coral-sand beach on the western shore […]

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5 of My Favorite Airlines

I have used many different airlines all over the world, from budget to five-star. I have enjoyed the luxury of eating lavish five-course meals in business class to being cramped in coach, hungry and not willing to pay the $8 for a subpar cold cut sandwich. Although I often choose an airline based on the […]

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Travel without children

When you’re in your twenties and thirties before you’ve settled down to have a family, you don’t realise the freedom that you have right now. Only when you’ve got to the stage in life where you have a baby or two will you be able to look back and appreciate the years you’re in now, […]

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Fun by the Beach in Rocky Point

Rocky Point, known locally as Puerto Peñasco, is a former fishing village turned tourist hotspot, with thousands of Americans and Canadians visiting each year, mostly from neighbouring Arizona. In fact, Puerto Peñasco is so close to the border that it’s unofficially known as Arizona’s Beach. The population has exploded from just under 3,000 in 1987 […]

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Getting Away From it All in France

ushant france

While traveling to cities can be fantastic, they’re not always the best option for escaping your own busy life! If you’re seeking a relaxing holiday away from it all, France is an ideal destination with its many lovely villages and areas to explore off the beaten path, not to mention the endless holiday cottages in […]

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5 Great Adventure Holidays for Families?

traveling with kids

You shouldn’t have to choose between an awesome adventure holiday jam-packed with outdoor activities, and a family-friendly trip that the kids will love. You can take the whole family along and experience some exhilarating activities together! Here are 5 ideas for adventure holidays for families that will go down as one of your most memorable […]

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5 places to do Tai Chi around the world

The Great Wall of China Can you think of a more magnificent experience than doing Tai Chi on the Great Wall of China? Yes okay, doing pretty much anything on the Great Wall would be an adventure beyond words, but being able to briing the ancient martial art form back to it’s roots is truly […]

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5 Best Amusement Parks in the United States

True story: I used to watch rollercoaster music videos and play Rollercoaster Tycoon. I remember the first time riding a coaster, the now closed Déjà Vu, at Six Flags over Georgia. I was terrified. Then, I was hooked; getting season passes to multiple amusement parks, spending Spring Break inside Universal Orlando Resorts, a dream come […]

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Why rock climbing is good for your body and soul

If you’re scaling a famous mountain, climbing a boulder or even just going up an indoor rock wall it all […]

5 reasons to visit Rocky Mountain National Park

Situated just a short journey outside Denver, the Rocky Mountain National Park is one of Colorado’s finest examples of a […]

How to prepare for a walking holiday alone

Going on a walking holiday by yourself can seem like the ideal way for you to unwind and enjoy a […]

Trekking in Sandals: Can it be done?

With the considerable advancements made in footwear technology in the past couple decades, performance sandals have come a long way […]

Rock Climbing Shoe Basics  

For anyone getting into a new sport, especially one that comprises some measure of danger, it can be intimidating to […]