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Weekend getaways to Copenhagen

Flights to Denmark are a voyage into a vibrant and exciting world. Copenhagen has been in existence since 1043 and has built up fascinating traditions and established wonderful attractions that positively invite the visitor to linger a while. With flights to Copenhagen from London being available for around £50.00, and even less from other cities, […]

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The Best Beaches in Chicago

Chicago’s lakefront shoreline is a 28-mile, man-made attraction that travelers enjoy all summer long, and even well into the other seasons. All of the beaches in Chicago are overflowing with history and beauty, and while some are undoubtedly more popular than others, they are all top attractions for both travelers and locals. All of the […]

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How to Start Your Own Travel Blog

Do you live to travel? Are you a frequent flyer? Then creating a travel blog should be right your alley if you’re keen for a new hobby. Starting up a travel blog can be a very rewarding experience. You can share helpful advice to others and brag about your adventures all in one go. Then […]

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Three Things to Do in Jamaica

Jamaica is home to some incredibly beautiful beaches, delicious food, wonderful music, amazingly fast people (ok maybe just Usain Bolt) and some of the best sites in the world. There are great villas in Jamaica that will give you the most relaxing relaxation that you could ask for. It is so relaxing that I had […]

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Where are you Retiring?

Finding the right place to retire always brings with it a range of questions and ideas. You finally have the freedom to move and live where you want to but you have to decide where the best place is for you. It is important to ask what kinds of activities you will want to participate […]

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On the Road in a Conversion Van

Every month the bills roll around and it’s required of you to fork out some money. Kids need shoes, the spouse needs clothes, and the never-ending battle of trying to have some payroll left over for some fun seems like a faraway goal. Throwing a vacation in the middle of all of that can be […]

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Gaming + drinks + food = Win. A Guide to Atlanta’s game bars and café.

Growing up in Atlanta, I spent countless hours playing Cruis’n Exotica on N64 in my neighbor’s basement and joining Dance Dance Revolution marathons at Mountasia during Ten Buck Tuesdays. Back in the day, the only places I could game were at friends’ houses, amusement parks, and bowling alleys. Times have changed for the better. Whether […]

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4 Top Ski Resorts in Norway

The Norwegian ski season typically lasts between December and May and offers excellent snow conditions throughout. Here are four ski resorts that will ensure that you will have an amazing winter activity holiday in Norway. Geilo One of the oldest ski resorts in Norway, Geilo has been around for over a century. It lies between […]

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Top Greek destinations for relaxing breaks

johnny ward travel

Thanks to its brilliant combination of sun, spectacular scenery and diverse attractions, Greece is a sure-fire winner when it comes to relaxing breaks. When I was researching my next holiday, I must admit I did find it pretty hard deciding exactly where in Greece would be best for this kind of getaway; so, I thought […]

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5 Unexpected Food Truck Menu Items in NYC

Food trucks have been around for quite some time now, and New Yorkers and out-of-towners indulge daily. In the old days, we used to be satisfied with our hot dogs and pretzels when we wanted street food, but since there are always new and fun [link:  things to do in NYC popping up all over the […]

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Why rock climbing is good for your body and soul

If you’re scaling a famous mountain, climbing a boulder or even just going up an indoor rock wall it all […]

5 reasons to visit Rocky Mountain National Park

Situated just a short journey outside Denver, the Rocky Mountain National Park is one of Colorado’s finest examples of a […]

How to prepare for a walking holiday alone

Going on a walking holiday by yourself can seem like the ideal way for you to unwind and enjoy a […]

Trekking in Sandals: Can it be done?

With the considerable advancements made in footwear technology in the past couple decades, performance sandals have come a long way […]

Rock Climbing Shoe Basics  

For anyone getting into a new sport, especially one that comprises some measure of danger, it can be intimidating to […]