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What does ISO, Shutter speed and Exposure mean?

how to take a good photo

Photgraphy has never been more popular. Certain cameras are operational with manual functions that allow you a lot more freedomw when you’re taking your photographs. This also means that you should get to know the settings on your camera and understand how they work their magic to uplift your shots in any way possible. With [...]

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5 best places to surf in Australia

Australia is home of the best and well-known surfers with world-class surf destinations. It’s also the birthplace of popular surf labels that hit the market universally.  No wonder why this country has been generally known for its surf culture. If you plan to visit this amazing country and want to hit the best place to [...]

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5 coolest ice hotels around the world

If you have the guts to travel and see places, well I guess you might also have what it takes to wake up and sleep in temperatures from -6 to -2? The world has a lot to offer us to see and experience, but this one might be a little bizarre. It’s the coolest ice [...]

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5 adventure sports to try in UK

Adventure sports to try in UK

Travelling in the UK can make you enjoy endless sights and many things to do. But are you up for trying something different? Sometimes we just want to break free from the normal journey. One way to do this is to try unusual adventure-packed sports that can make your adrenaline rush in no time. It [...]

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5 Beautiful sites to visit in Tuscany

5 Beautiful sites to visit in Tuscany

If you are planning to visit Tuscany, you might be marveling at so many beautiful sites and point-of-interests located in this beautiful place. Thinking, where should I go next or what should I want to see? There are a lot of places to see in this diverse region in Italy and it’s hard to narrow [...]

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5 most photographed places in the world

When travelling, you wouldn’t even think of the facts of which landmarks are photographed by so many professionals and tourists. I don’t even think that it will come across to your mind that you might be facing the no.1 most snapped landmark in the world. It’s interesting when you want to know the polls and [...]

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5 Tips on how to backpack solo as a female

When you plan to travel the world, sometimes you’re doubts invade your mind and make you paranoid especially when you are a female. In the first place, those thoughts shouldn’t be even in your head. Setting off can untie and break your routine of the everyday life and will give you a blissful experience. So [...]

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Smart Chat Strategies for Online Poker

One of the advantages of live poker is the ability to gauge your opponent’s hand from their conversation and facial expressions. With online poker you lose part of that experience. The chat feature, however, can help recreate the live environment. Here are three strategies on how to use it to your advantage: 1. Spot Poker [...]

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The Best Campervan Company in New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned as one of the best destinations in the world to spend a few weeks travelling around [...]

London’s Top Clubs

From the mega clubs to intimate hangouts, London has a wide range of nightlife spots sure to satisfy any appetite. [...]

Three top UK minibreak destinations

Living in the UK brings many advantages when it comes to travel. Unlike in some countries where interesting cities are [...]

Why do Celebrities go to St.Barts?

St.Barts darling is just absolutely fabulous. A cry you will hear often on this elegant and exclusive Caribbean Island. Pristine white-sand, language straight [...]

Luxury Mauritus

When it comes to luxury holidays, Mauritius really has it all. Sparkling blue waters, clear skies and golden, sandy beaches [...]