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How to prepare for a walking holiday alone

Going on a walking holiday by yourself can seem like the ideal way for you to unwind and enjoy a break alone. But, if you’re planning to sign up to an adventurous trekking trip for one, there are some things I’d recommend you do first to get yourself ready for such a trip. 1)       Get […]

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Rock Climbing Shoe Basics  

For anyone getting into a new sport, especially one that comprises some measure of danger, it can be intimidating to learn the intricacies and jargon that permeates every aspect of a sport subculture.  For those who wish to explore an interest in the various types of rock-climbing, learning the difference between various rock-climbing shoes is […]

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Highlights of the Turkish Riviera

The Turkish Riviera is one of the most visited parts of the country, especially in the summer when holidaymakers descend on the Turquoise Coast for a good dose of sun, sea and sand. With it’s array of sun-kissed pristine beaches to the stunning landscapes, historic towns and glitzy resorts, the riviera is truly more than […]

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Advice for trekking with an asthmatic

Health conditions such as asthma can sometimes be quite limiting as to the types of physical activity that can be undertaken. Extremely strenuous sports should be approached with caution, but if an asthma sufferer is prepared and realistic about their condition and its limitations, there’s no reason they can’t enjoy a whole range of energetic, […]

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Great Caravan Sites for Fishing and Walking Enthusiasts

Experiencing the great outdoors is best done on a caravan and you get to do a lot of awesome activities such as walking, caving and fishing. Luckily, there are a lot of camp sites where you can do just that and more, but be sure to insure your motor home, if you are looking for […]

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Adventure on the seas

Recently cruise holidays have had a makeover.  This type of holiday is ideal for those who have a spirit of adventure but don’t want to have the hassle of booking hotels, lugging their baggage from one destination to another or coping with the vagaries of national transport systems.  On a cruise all of these holiday […]

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Explore Australia’s East Coast This Year

The East Coast of Australia has a wide variety of attractions promoting the rich Australian culture and one-of-a-kind geography, increasingly popular to international tourists. Plenty of activities await tourists on the East Coast, including rainforests, big cities and many beaches, so let’s take a look at some of the best of them! Sydney Opera House […]

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A Stroll Around the Roman Ruins at Cerro da Vila, Portugal

Visit the Algarve, and you’ll discover a thoroughly modern and cosmopolitan region, with fashionable bars, trendy restaurants and elegant hotels lining the main streets of its most popular resorts. However, that’s not to say that the Algarve has lost touch with its history – quite the opposite in fact, with archaeological sites like the Cerro […]

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Diving & Snorkelling in Crete

Snorkelling in Crete

  Holidays to to Greece with Crete, and its miles of beautiful coastline and clear, clean waters – visibility is typically 30 metres or more – has long been an attractive destination for divers and snorkellers. There are several superb diving centres on the island and snorkels can be bought or hired from any beach with […]

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Top 5 destinations for a UK cottage break

The Cotswolds

When it comes to planning holidays, many of us immediately turn to overseas destinations. In my opinion, this is a mistake, since there are plenty of fantastic places right here in the UK. What’s more, staycations have a universal appeal, as they often involve much less travel time – meaning they are well suited to […]

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Africa : Science, Technology and Business.

Science, technology and innovation are the key building blocks of any society; many powerful and developed countries were founded by […]

St. Barts is Celebrity Watching Paradise

St. Barts or ?Saint Barthélemy is a famous hangout for celebrities on holiday due to its luxury and amazing scenery, […]

Why rock climbing is good for your body and soul

If you’re scaling a famous mountain, climbing a boulder or even just going up an indoor rock wall it all […]

5 reasons to visit Rocky Mountain National Park

Situated just a short journey outside Denver, the Rocky Mountain National Park is one of Colorado’s finest examples of a […]

How to prepare for a walking holiday alone

Going on a walking holiday by yourself can seem like the ideal way for you to unwind and enjoy a […]