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Hvar: The Sunny Croatian Island

Croatia has more than 1,000 islands scattered along the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. One of the most fashionable destinations for tourists has to be the colourful island of Hvar which attracts a fair share of celebrities arriving on luxury yachts and boasts 2700 hours of sunshine a year. Hvar is one of the longest [...]

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A guide to Christmas in Dubrovnik

backpacking in Dubrovnik Croatia

I’ll freely admit that Croatia is not the first place that springs to mind when you think of a holiday at Christmastime, but hopefully the following attractions and events you can see and experience in Dubrovnik will be enough to convince you of its merits. There is a lot to do on a weekend break in Dubrovnik [...]

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5 things to do in Essex

5 things to do in Essex

Essex is a non-metropolitan county located northeast of the city of London.  This county is visited by well-known artists like painters and horticulturists from all over the world to witness its diverse landscapes. The flora and fauna of this county is perfect just as it is.  It boasts many remarkable nature reserves with numerous gardens [...]

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5 places you must see in Ireland

5 places to see in Ireland

Most people have a clear image of Ireland having leprechauns and clover leaves in their head when hearing about the said country. These images also create vast green lands with opulent culture and folklores that inhabits the place. This kind of information can make you wonder and think, if Ireland is a country that’s magical [...]

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5 places you must see in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is popular for its windmills, tulips and bicycles. This low-lying country has been famous for so much more than just what people think about it. It has many attractions that allure tourists from all over the world. Nonetheless, it surely lives up to what it can give. Read through the 5 things you [...]

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5 free things to do in Paris

5 free things to do in Paris

Paris is known to be the most idealistic art city in the world making it to be one of the most expensive to travel to. That doesn’t mean you can’t find another route going away from all the pricey temptations. This city can offer you the sweetest escape for the lavish Parisian luxuries without spending [...]

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5 things to do in Dieppe, France

Dieppe is a port city settled along the limestone cliffs of the English Channel and the closest pebbled beach town to Paris. Its genuine harbour serves as a receiving area for fishermen and their freshly caught fish and famous scallops generating it to be as one of the busiest port in Normandy. Today, Dieppe is [...]

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What does ISO, Shutter speed and Exposure mean?

how to take a good photo

Photgraphy has never been more popular. Certain cameras are operational with manual functions that allow you a lot more freedomw when you’re taking your photographs. This also means that you should get to know the settings on your camera and understand how they work their magic to uplift your shots in any way possible. With [...]

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5 best places to surf in Australia

Australia is home of the best and well-known surfers with world-class surf destinations. It’s also the birthplace of popular surf labels that hit the market universally.  No wonder why this country has been generally known for its surf culture. If you plan to visit this amazing country and want to hit the best place to [...]

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5 coolest ice hotels around the world

If you have the guts to travel and see places, well I guess you might also have what it takes to wake up and sleep in temperatures from -6 to -2? The world has a lot to offer us to see and experience, but this one might be a little bizarre. It’s the coolest ice [...]

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4 Top Ski Resorts in Norway

The Norwegian ski season typically lasts between December and May and offers excellent snow conditions throughout. Here are four ski [...]

Top Greek destinations for relaxing breaks

johnny ward travel

Thanks to its brilliant combination of sun, spectacular scenery and diverse attractions, Greece is a sure-fire winner when it comes [...]

5 Unexpected Food Truck Menu Items in NYC

Food trucks have been around for quite some time now, and New Yorkers and out-of-towners indulge daily. In the old [...]

5 Ways to Take It All With You

  If the idea of long-term travel seems too daunting, your concern may stem from the idea of leaving everything [...]

The Top 4 Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo

Yasube tokyo ramen

Considered a national dish in Japan, Ramen noodles come in an almost unbelievable variety of flavours and ingredients. From Pork [...]