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What does ISO, Shutter speed and Exposure mean?

how to take a good photo

Photgraphy has never been more popular. Certain cameras are operational with manual functions that allow you a lot more freedomw when you’re taking your photographs. This also means that you should get to know the settings on your camera and understand how they work their magic to uplift your shots in any way possible. With […]

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5 best places to surf in Australia

Australia is home of the best and well-known surfers with world-class surf destinations. It’s also the birthplace of popular surf labels that hit the market universally.  No wonder why this country has been generally known for its surf culture. If you plan to visit this amazing country and want to hit the best place to […]

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5 coolest ice hotels around the world

If you have the guts to travel and see places, well I guess you might also have what it takes to wake up and sleep in temperatures from -6 to -2? The world has a lot to offer us to see and experience, but this one might be a little bizarre. It’s the coolest ice […]

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5 Beautiful sites to visit in Tuscany

5 Beautiful sites to visit in Tuscany

If you are planning to visit Tuscany, you might be marveling at so many beautiful sites and point-of-interests located in this beautiful place. Thinking, where should I go next or what should I want to see? There are a lot of places to see in this diverse region in Italy and it’s hard to narrow […]

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5 Tips on how to backpack solo as a female

When you plan to travel the world, sometimes you’re doubts invade your mind and make you paranoid especially when you are a female. In the first place, those thoughts shouldn’t be even in your head. Setting off can untie and break your routine of the everyday life and will give you a blissful experience. So […]

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Top 5 Exotic Golf Courses

The world has embraced the sport of golf, and it is no longer an activity just for retired white men. People of all ages play for fun or at a competitive level, and female and minority players have gained increasing prominence as more and more people tune in to televised tournaments. While for some, golfing […]

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5 Destinations You Have to Try on a Luxury Budget

RUSSIA This vast country is one of the top touristic destinations in the world, it boasts of 23 World Heritage […]

Activity Breaks to Enjoy Through the Year

SKI HOLIDAY IN FRANCE There are few ski destinations that can compete with France. Its ski regions are extensive and […]

Have a Fun-Filled Weekend in the North Wales Borderlands

If you are looking for a great place to take the family away for a fun weekend, we can understand […]

A Stroll Around the Roman Ruins at Cerro da Vila, Portugal

Visit the Algarve, and you’ll discover a thoroughly modern and cosmopolitan region, with fashionable bars, trendy restaurants and elegant hotels […]

Diving & Snorkelling in Crete

Snorkelling in Crete

  Crete, with its miles of beautiful coastline and clear, clean waters – visibility is typically 30 metres or more […]