M t. Fuji is Japan’s Highest Mountain. With Its perfect  cone shape and which is known all over the world Climbing to the summit is the dream to many people in Japan as well as to others people from around world.

There is official climbing season of the year and last only for two months from July to August. The rest of year  maybe dangerous due to bad climate and temperatures around the summit will drop below freezing point.

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By getting in. There’s a lot of transportation to take, by plane, by bus and by train. And the cheapest is by bus. And the nearest place is start in Tokyo.

And direct bus will take 2 hours depending on the traffic and cost 2600 YEN, and takes you directly to the 5th station  where you can start the climb.  There are 4 mainly climbing routes and the 5th station is the base or the starting point of the climb .and there are also separate accent and decent routes which will take 7 to 10 hours accordingly.  path and night climbing is clearly mark with signs are possible for your safety And by passing on this different routes you can see lots of scenery such as water features landscape and rock formation. And this things you see makes you fulfillment on the climb.

In that  point weather will start  to change, So weather gears will be brought with you. And everything you need for the climbing is there on the 5th station.  where you buy with standardized prices.  And it is also your last place to stop for mea l .Once the mountain you can have simple meal ,which may cost around 1000 yen .And the summit such as drinks,  of soap noodle  cost 400 Yen.

In preparation for the climb you need to thin for you safe and needs. you will bring the proper gears needed for the climb and I have some tips for climbers on what to bring when they want to .At first you must prepare a minimum set of clothing’s, hiking boots if possible, rain proof clothing’s and head cover.  and warm layered clothing is strongly recommended. Other supplies such as flashlights and spare batteries, sunglasses and sun screen and toilet papers and 100 to 200 yen pay per use of the toilets. and bring along at least a liter of water and highly energy drinks and food to make you going..

And for Accommodation  Huts are offered on the 7th station .and few on other stations as well And reservation are strongly recommended because peaks season  lots of climbers .Primitive Accommodations include common toilets and bath are offered in their  Huts or heated huts. Prices are surely much standardized at 5250 Yen per night for a very cramped space places optional. Meal which range 1080 Yen/ 2200 for one or two meal.

Fuji Mountain must be treated with respect. Near the top the air is noticeably thinner, which may cause altitude sickness and breathing difficulties.

Injuries typically occur during the phase when you’re tired, hypothermia  landslide are possible. You should not underestimate the climate and be precautious when u climb.

And on your decent if you will follow the others climbers it’s difficult to catch a bus or busses because of the  crowded people coming down so there is an alternative way to go back you can hitchhike on the parking lot its possible.

The fulfillment on each climb that you will do cannot be remove or erased from the memories that you shared on the journey and that you deed.



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