O ne of the most frequent questions that I am asked, regarding the travel lifestyle is, “Don’t you get homesick” or “Do you miss your family and friends”?

This is something that I considered heavily before I embarked on my adventure through South America, which I have been traveling for the past eight months. What will it be like to not see or talk to in-person everyone that I know back home? Will I get extremely homesick and miss everyone too much?



Luckily with the advancement and affordability of telecommunication technology, this has made my life much more connected to everyone I know and love back home. I actually talk to my family more frequently now, even then when I was living away from home but in my part of the world.

There are several sites that provide affordable international calling and I can call my parents and friends at the drop of a hat. The world has become much smaller through these advances over the recent years. I make an effort to sit down and call my parents back home every Sunday evening, otherwise it probably would not happen because I would be too busy exploring a new city or hanging out with new friends.

I have found that making free calls with certain services, provides travelers with the best combination of affordability and effectiveness. No matter what your lifestyle dictates, your need to call friends and family on the other side of the world, whether you are backpacking for a few weeks/months or have permanently relocated, there are services that can help you keep in touch.

In my search for ways to stay connected, I have found that you don’t need to be tied to the typical Skype conversation stuck to your computer. You can make calls back to friends and family from your cell phone, land line, or from your computer. All these options really have made my travels more enjoyable and I have effectively kept the Homesick dog at bay.

If one of the fears that has kept you from pursuing the travel lifestyle of your dreams is being homesick, fret no more! Book that ticket to your dream location today, grow through the experience, and most importantly take the risk to live the life you have imagined.

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