T here’s no doubt that New Zealand is an excellent travel destination for families looking to experience all the wonders that nature has to offer. Known for it’s pristine nature, tourists to New Zealand can best see what the country has to offer by visiting one or more of its 14 national parks, and there’s even two UNESCO World Heritage Sites to see as well! The parks not only show the spectacular beauty of nature, but many have historical significance too. Whether you choose visit parks on the North Island or on the South Island, here’s some of the best you simply shouldn’t miss out on.


 North Island

On the North Island you will find Tongariro National Park, which is designated as a World Heritage Site. Historically, this was the fourth national park to be established in New Zealand, and its highlights include active volcanoes and numerous Maori religious sites. Perfect for hiking and learning the cultural significance of the indigenous people of New Zealand, Tongariro National Park is a must-see!

Te Urewera National Park is the largest of the North Island parks and is home to nearly all the bird species of the North Island, making it an ideal place to bird watch! There’s also Egmont National Park, known for its excellent rock climbing and hiking opportunities, thanks to Mount Taranaki.

 South Island

Abel Tasman National Park is famous for its pristine shoreline, and if you’re holidaying with your family in New Zealand, it’s a great place to take beautiful walks along the beach. Thanks to its many inlets, it is also an ideal place to try out some kayaking, or even rent a boat and fish!

Kahurangi National Park is New Zealand’s second largest park, and its highlights include ancient land formations. It’s a perfect place to take in a beautiful view, and as the sun sets across the spectacular landscape, it can be a very romantic experience for you and your loved one. The Heaphy Track, one of Kahurangi’s most notable natural attractions, is famously known as one of the nine Great Walks.

The Great Walks

The best way to see New Zealand in all it’s glory is to explore on foot, and if you’ve seen any of the Lord of the Rings films, you’ll know that’s a lot of walking!  Not only will it give you the opportunity to explore the country at your own pace, but it will also allow you to take in the gorgeous natural surroundings. The Great Walks are one of the country’s biggest natural attractions, and they’re great for experiencing the beauty of the national parks!


New Zealand is home to a wealth of amazing creatures, and Rakiura National Park is the place to go to try and spot the nocturnal kiwi in the wild. Egmont National Park is a great place to see the fernbird and blue duck, while the Whanganui National Park is home to both long-tailed and short-tailed bats!


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