New Places to Visit in 2014

Football is hugely popular in Brazil Football is hugely popular in Brazil
Hagia Sophia, Turkey Hagia Sophia, Turkey

C hristmas is coming and it’s time to start dreaming about far-flung destinations for the following year. If 2013 didn’t take you to all the places you wanted then next year is the year to put it right. With airlines fighting back through super cheap fares, hotels dropping prices due to lack of demand and companies like Cruise 1st offering unbeatable prices there’s never been a better time to start ticking places off your bucket list. Check out our 3 stellar destinations to visit in 2014:


Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Hagia Sophia, Turkey

1)   Thailand

With the USD, GBP and other western currencies strengthening against the Thai Baht Thailand is getting cheaper and cheaper at the moment. Why not escape winter and jet off to an island paradise like Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Chang or if you’re feeling the need for a little culture instead head up to the mountainous north and kick back in beautiful Chiang Mai whilst visiting hill tribes in the mountains. It’s true to say that Thailand really has something for everyone so if you’ve yet to venture to the Land of Smiles then 2014 is the year to fix it.


2)   Turkey

With a glorious history ranging back to the Ottoman empire it’s no surprise that Turkey is jam packed full of historical importance. You can spend weeks exploring the country from Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque in Istanbul all the way across to Ani, the former Armenia capital 1500km to the east,

And if museums and history aren’t quite what you had in mind why not soar above the clouds with a hot air balloon in mesmerizing Cappadocia or hit the beaches and nightclubs of booming bodrum. Oh and be sure to eat your fill of doner kebabs and baklava – they’re like no where else on the planet


3)   Brazil

Brazil is booming and 2014 is the time to watch them boom. The football World Cup is coming to the beautiful shores of Brazil in June 2014 so it’s a must-see for any sports fanatic. The views from Christ the Redeemer overlooking Copacabana beach are arguably unrivaled anywhere else on earth. And if the city (and the football) gets too much for you? Head off on an Amazonian adventure with a local tour company, kayaking on the longest river in the world and mixing it with indigenous tribes. Brazil really can offer something than no other country can.

Football is hugely popular in Brazil

Football is hugely popular in Brazil


All 3 places are guaranteed to offer you the trip of a lifetime. In the budget is feeling a little slimmer in 2014, then Thailand is the place to go, no country on earth can match their beautiful tourism industry combined with the prices. If money is no object, then Brazil is a no-brainer. The World Cup in Brazil promises to be a magical occasion, and one you can brag about for the rest of your life. Finally, if you just need a week or 2 on a beach or even just a city break then Turkey has got you covered. Now all you have to do is work out the dates! Happy travels.

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