Preparing for Stomach Upset in India

T o the unseasoned eater, Indian seems a daunting cuisine. Maybe it’s the distinct aromas of cumin and turmeric that make them uneasy. Perhaps nauseating rumors have turned them into skeptics. Or maybe we can all just thank Steven Spielburg for serving chilled monkey brains in The Temple of Doom. Who knows?

Preparing for Stomach Upset in India

All I know is that as I was packing my bags for my trek across India last winter break, the parting words that I was hearing over and over again all had something to do with Indian food and me getting sick. I was scared, but also armed with all the Pepto-Bismol that I could fit in my bag.


Already intending on getting ill, I made 100% sure that my travelers insurance would cover the vast array of possible ailments I just might acquire during my adventure. I mean, I wasn’t going to waste all my Rupees on mediocre healthcare.

After days of Googling “Will a rural Indian doctor’s office be able to help me with ________?” I also stumbled upon, a really helpful company that aids in getting travelers compensation for injuries while traveling and working abroad!


As laws in different countries differ in regards to making insurance claims, this company run by self proclaimed “No win, no fee specialists” can help sort things out simply and get you the maximum amount of compensation. That way you can travel will a clear mind, rather than be plagued by thoughts of looming medical bills.


My trip to India ended up being the most amazing trip of my life. I rode elephants, shopped at the Anjuna Flea Market, watched a camel danging competition in Rajasthan, acted a little too touristy at the Taj Mahal and swam off the coast of Goa. But most importantly, I ate a ton of Indian food. I tried everything: tikka masala, tandoori, na’an, vindaloo, josh rogan, mango lassi, and saag.  I loved it all and I never got sick.


While, I am thrilled that I never experienced that curry-induced sick stomach, I am also very thankful that I made sure to check on what my travelers insurance covered and what it didn’t. Better to be safe than sorry!




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