Spooky Ghost Tours in Australia

Australia is an amazing country that has many different places of interest throughout cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. In many of these cities and in other more remote areas of the country, you are sure to find spots that have a vast history behind them. With old, historic buildings and sights to see, come tales from long ago. Many of these tales having to do something with those who once lived there or died in that very spot. Now, through Amex Travel, you can take advantage of amazing discounts on a spooky ghost tour experience in Australia at one of many unique destinations. When purchasing tour tickets through Amex Travel as a current cardmember, you will receive many benefits such as discount prices and the ability to pay with your points all while earning reward points on your purchase.

ghost tours australia

Quarantine Station
Experience Quarantine Station, located directly near the harbour in Sydney, Australia. This Quarantine Station was always an idle, dark and lonely place where death was imminent. As the first port of call for ships carrying passengers to join the colony, many carried over infectious diseases such as smallpox, causing a large number of deaths. It is said that some of those who acquired these diseases chose to never leave the port after arrival. The hospital was created, where individuals carrying these diseases were quarantined off so to not spread the disease to others. You can now take a spooky walking tour of the facility including the morgue, dining hall and shower blocks.

Just south of the city of Sydney, is a small Australian town by the name of Picton. This town is also known as one of the most haunted towns in all of the country. Ghost tours are held Friday and Saturday nights, attracting locals and tourists from all over the world. From strange flashes of light in the streets to gusts of wind that simply can not be explained, you never know what you may see while in Picton. One of the most popular stops is the Redbank Range Tunnel, where the ghost of a woman who was hit by a train is said to haunt.

Port Arthur
Port Arthur, located in Tasmania, is known as the Isle of the Dead. With more than 1,800 ghost sightings, Port Arthur is known as one of the most horrific places in Australia. Enjoy ghost tours complete with history, entertainment and theater.

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