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Top 5 Exotic Golf Courses

The world has embraced the sport of golf, and it is no longer an activity just for retired white men. People of all ages play for fun or at a competitive level, and female and minority players have gained increasing prominence as more and more people tune in to televised tournaments. While for some, golfing [...]

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5 Times to Visit New York in 2013

New York City is a popular destination to visit year-round with plenty of things to see and do. From Central [...]

A guide to 5-star Lanzarote holidays

Join the Spanish royal family in favouring this fantastic island for luxurious holidays. Below we provide a guide to ensuring [...]

Spooky Ghost Tours in Australia

Spooky Ghost Tours in Australia Australia is an amazing country that has many different places of interest throughout cities such [...]

5 worldwide delicacies you have to try when travelling the world

Each culture has its own culinary traditions and expectations regarding which foods are the tastiest and the most desirable. Some [...]

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hotel

When planning a vacation or business trip, one detail that should not be missed is accommodation. It is an important [...]