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Top 5 activities to try in the Seychelles

The Seychelles – a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean – is famed for its warm climate and abundance of fun activities to try. Only a few are habitable, but there is enough to do in the region’s capital Victoria alone to keep you occupied for weeks. Other than keeping cool in picturesque hotels such as [...]

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Come To Kentucky For The 2013 Derby

This year the 139th Kentucky Derby(otherwise known as the Fast two minutes in Sports) will start on May 4th at [...]

The top 5 places in the UK to take kids over Summer

Those of us with children will know it’s no easy task thinking up ways of distracting them from holiday boredom [...]

Family Memories

“Mum, I want my book!” “Dad, are we nearly there yet?” “I’m tired!” Does this sound familiar? Anyone who has [...]

5 Sights Not to Miss in England

England is one of those places steeped in history and absolutely abundant with fascinating sights to see for travelers. From [...]

Travelling to Hawaii Alone? 3 Activities to Pursue

They say that Hawaii is a romantic place to visit, which makes it the perfect destination for a holiday for [...]