W hen most people think of Jamaica, they imagine sandy white beaches, crystal blue waters and enough watermelon juice to fill a swimming pool – and they wouldn’t be far off! Millions of people visit this fantastic island every year, not just because it’s the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, but because of the amazing hospitality of the local people.

The island can be found only 150km off the Cuban coast, and the locals aptly named it ‘the land of food and water’ because of its vast amount of tropical fruit and fresh water rivers. In 1962, it became an independent nation from the United Kingdom, and along with Barbados, it remains one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the Caribbean.

The way of life of the Jamaicans, and the culture of which they’re raised in, is adored all over the globe, and for a relatively small island, they’ve made a huge influence on the world. It’s because of this global presence that millions of people flock to the island to holiday every year, and there’s so much to see and do once you get here that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

When it comes to music, Jamaica has been at the forefront of many genres for a number of years. From reggae to dub, ska to mento, this amazing island and its people have influenced some of the greatest bands, artists and songs ever written. If you’re thinking about travelling to Jamaica this summer, let’s take a look at some of the island’s best attractions.

The Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley is a name that will be associated with Jamaica forever, and you can’t visit the island without taking a look at the world-famous museum that was built in his honour. Having influenced music in unprecedented ways, Bob Marley took Jamaican culture to the rest of the world, and this museum documents his journey.

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Located in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, the museum offers guided tours that provide detailed insight into the private life of the reggae singer, his music, and his love for the fans of the movement. You’ll also be shown a rare short film that captures Bob Marley’s final days, which is a tribute to the late singer in itself. Cruise.co.uk are great at helping you find the lowest prices on last minute cruise holidays, so make sure you check out the website before you book your trip.

Dunns River Falls and Dolphin Cove

Jamaica has a number of amazing natural spectacles, but there’s none more famous than the Dunns River Falls. Not only is this the most visited attraction in Jamaica, but it is easily the most beautiful too. The waterfalls are located near Ocho Rios, and completely surrounded by lush green hillsides.

In order to appreciate the waterfalls to their full extent, guides are available to hire that will take you to the top of the river falls, and if you ask nicely, many will take you at times when tourist numbers are at their lowest, meaning you’ll get the attraction all to yourself!

Dolphin Cove is also located near Ocho Rios, and these magical marine creatures swim right up to you in the shallow waters of the cove. Not only will you be able to dive into the water and swim with the dolphins, but you can also feed them depending on what tour boat you’re on.

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