Why do Celebrities go to St.Barts?

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/titounet Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/titounet

St.Barts darling is just absolutely fabulous. A cry you will hear often on this elegant and exclusive Caribbean Island. Pristine white-sand, language straight out of a holiday brochure but well deserved in relation to St.Barts. The sands, calm waters,  stylish and chic restaurants are just a small part of the attraction. Another attraction is St. Barts villa rentals for groups, accommodation on St.Barts is luxurious.

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/titounet

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/titounet

With a distinctly French flavour to the island, it is the place for celebrities to go to be seen or not to be seen. But why is St.Barts so popular with celebrities? One simple reason, the depth and range of the restaurants there is on another level.

Where to eat in St.Barts

Yannak Noah is better known as a tennis star and part-time singer yet he also co-owns Do Brazil, a Brazilian restaurant which is perched on the rocks above Shell Beach. The food is of the South American flavour but the relaxed atmosphere also helps visitors to St.Barts indulge in their favourite pastime of people watching.

La Langouste is a specialist lobster restaurant based at the Hotel des Anges. The lobsters, the freshest on the island, are chosen by guests from tanks. A unique experience.

A burger bar might not seem to fit in with the glitz and glamour many associate St.Barts with but Le Select is hot. Looking like a kebab shop the restaurant is popular with locals and celebrities alike.

Set in Pointe Milou, Le Ti St-Barths is the spot for food and a party. While Restaurant Le Gaiac is considered to have some of the best on the island and one of the best views of the ocean. Chef Stephane Mazieres blends creole and french cuisine together to create exquisite dishes.

Starting in 1997 the Hideaway has become something of an institution on St.Barts, a restaurant with no frills but perpetually busy every night. Buzzing with chatter from locals, regulars and even the odd superstar.

La Cantina in Gustavia is an excellent locals bar. Not the most glamorous of places but a friendly and happening place.  Top dishes include a Greek salad as well as tartare de saumon.

Le Sapotillier is a French restaurant found in the heart of Gustavia with a solid reputation for serving traditional French cuisine such as roasted pigeon and veal chops.


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