Vosges off-road solo July '08

Vosges jungle

This must be one of my best trips ever. 600kms from Amsterdam...

As I couldn't find anybody to join me I went solo. The Vosges has many unpaved and sometimes rough roads that criss-cross the landscape bringing you to places only foresters see.

On my trip I've seen deer, foxes, martens, eagles and zero people. That introduces a risk as well, if you fall off and break something you're not going to be found soon. There's little or no cellphone reception...

I did 1450 kms in 3 days, 600 km in and 600 out. The second day only off-road, I estimate in total about 250kms. This doesn't seem like a whole lot but riding on gravel, small stones and mud, up and down the mountains is really exhausting!

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