3 Great Family Holidays

It used to be difficult finding a family vacation idea that could please the whole family. With the addition of a child or two, a vacation meant for winding down could easily turn into an energy-zapping challenge. This is no longer the case.  With these three vacation ideas, you can maintain the balance of family and adult time, while keeping everyone satisfied. It’s time to relax.



Cruises have often been popular for families due to the all-inclusive factor. Knowing the price of the vacation is a hugely appealing and prevents sticker-shock. Not having to buy lodging, food, and activities a la carte can be a good value. In the past ten years, Carnival reports that the number of kids on cruise ships has increased six fold to 600,000. With teen clubs, movie theatres, waterslides, the kids stay mercilessly entertained all while being supervised, letting parents chill. Win-win. For families who regularly go on cruise holidays, there is a new program called cruise miles. Similar to air miles, families can rack up points to use towards future excursions. Additional savings is always a good thing.


All-inclusive Resorts

Resorts have been aimed at families for some time now, providing entertainment for both children and adults. Following cruise ships’ lead, all-inclusive resorts are a popular option with families. A number of hotels have Kids Clubs, where trained staff will keep children busy in their own haven. They will be treated to activities such as arts and crafts to more exotic fare like swimming with dolphins. This allows the adults to be pampered and have welcomed alone time together. Most Kids Clubs cater to ages 4-12, but some hotels have teen-oriented clubs with adventure activities and fun classes. Other hotels have babysitting for those even younger.


Theme Parks

There’s something magical about theme parks that can make one almost want to be a kid again. Get swept up into a fantasy world by taking the family to one of the ubiquitous amusement parks dotting the world. There are water parks, animal parks, rollercoaster parks, and more. A great option is head to a resort that includes several amusement parks, providing days of varied excitement and activity. An example is Walt Disney World, which includes six different theme parks. An added benefit: kids often get wiped out from a day of running to and fro the park, meaning early bedtime for them. And admit it, some of those rides are pretty fun.


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