I f you are planning to visit Tuscany, you might be marveling at so many beautiful sites and point-of-interests located in this beautiful place. Thinking, where should I go next or what should I want to see? There are a lot of places to see in this diverse region in Italy and it’s hard to narrow down the best sites to visit. So have a quick scan on my choices and surely you won’t be disappointed indulging yourself on the best 5 sites in Tuscany.

Beautiful sites in TuscanySaturnia

The Terme di Staurnia is a natural hot spring located in the municipality of Manciano near in the small town of Saturnia.  The sulphur water is said to have a temperature of 37.5 °C and is known to have therapeutic assets. The thermal waters offer relaxation and easing body pains when submerged in it. Don’t forget to purchase their local produce of thermal perfumes and creams for your everyday home-made spa-like experience. If you want to see a waterfall while you are in the vicinity, try to visit the old mill to see the Waterfalls of Gorello. Be amazed with these natural surprises and enjoy a whole day of relaxation with great sights.


Terme di SaturniaGrotta del Vento

Grotta del Vento or known as the Wind Cave, has been one of Italy’s best cave systems. You can wonder inside and feed your curiosity and see remarkable formations of underground fissures. Sparkling stalactites and stalagmites has formed odd-looking figures on the walls of the cave. If you are wondering why rocks glitter, it’s because the world is rich with minerals especially when seeing one inside a cave. So head on and experience great underground scenes and don’t forget not to touch the rock formations as this can kill its natural looks.

Grotto Del VentpMaremma

This region expands across southwest of Tuscany bringing in the provinces of Grosseto and Livorno in its area. You can find the best beaches of rock or sand having translucent waters on this sight. If you are planning to spend a day or two here, it’s best to enjoy hiking and seeing the countryside or stroll along its coastline.  You will never get disappointed with its waters as you can always take a quick dip if you are too hot.

MaremmaUffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery found in Florence caters the best sights seen in Tuscany having it on its walls. This museum has been one of the oldest in the Western world and its popularity has made its way being one of the best tourist attractions in Tuscany. You can have a sneak peek of the masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci, Sandro Boticelli and a lot more. You surely will appreciate the vintage looks and technique of their works.

Uffizi Gallery FlorenceSan Gimignano’s Towers

The town of San Gimingnano is known for its several arrays of towers that erects in the place. There were 72 towers counted which were built to last and to prove the prosperity of each family who possessed them. Another fact to know about Tuscany is that it can boast not only great sights but also rich citizens building massive structures just to prove their status in the region. It’s too good to be true but it actually is. J So visit this magnificent place and get to see massive structures of wealth of the famous and rich residents of Tuscany.

Towers of San Gimignano


Italy is a paradise waiting to be explored. Find yourself some cheap flights to Italy and lost yourself in their amazing food, culture, wine and weather. You won’t be disappointed.

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