A ustralia is home of the best and well-known surfers with world-class surf destinations. It’s also the birthplace of popular surf labels that hit the market universally.  No wonder why this country has been generally known for its surf culture. If you plan to visit this amazing country and want to hit the best place to hit the right wave, read through my list of the best 5 surfing places in Oz.5 best surf spot in Australia
Kirra Beach – Coolangatta, Queensland
A beachside district of the Gold Cost located in Queensland. You can encounter first-hand and witness one of the world’s primary Kirra Point surf break here. It has been nominated by surfing champions as their favourite place to surf.  This Point has been giving the best breaks for surfing addicts across the world. Not only visited by local Oz surfers but of course has also been visited by thousands of surf enthusiasts that gave a testimonial so expressive that made Kirra’s Point one of the best in surf breaks in the world.Kirra beach surfing
Byron Bay – Northern New South Wales
The town in Byron Bay has been known for its different array of beaches with famous surfing spots that caters mostly to locals and tourists that visit its ground. It’s because of its many surfing spots like Tallows, Main beach and Belongil and many more. Byron bay Coast has been a desired destination for young surfers that want to ride the finest waves. It boasts a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere that makes the place a perfect get-away from the city life. It’s a spot-on surfing destination, for tourists that don’t have a travel planned, but just to hit the perfect wave and enjoy the hippie vibe surrounding it.Byron Bay Surfing
Prevelly Park – Margaret River, Western Australia
Prevelley Park has been hosting surfing competitions each year. It is located in the Margaret River which makes swells up to 20ft and more. This surfing destination is only for die-hard surf pro devotees. This is the only surfing place where surfers wear helmets as the waves can be seriously intense at high seasons. Surfing at this place can not only pump your adrenaline so high but also gives you the best experience in a lifetime. Prevelly Park is surely worth the visit and you can also get to witness the Pro’s doing their thing with legit waves.Prevelly Park Surfing

Tamarama Beach- Sydney, New South Wales
Tamarama is well-known for its strip-sandy patch beaches visited by tourists who want to go sunbathing topless. It is also often referred to as “Glamou-rama” because of the abundance of glamorous people enjoying the sun on it. Tamarama Beach has distinct features of being a dangerous place for swimmers because of the swells producing rip currents from the ocean. It becomes dangerous if you don’t acknowledge the directions of the lifesavers on patrol when you want to go swimming. The swells can roll in from 12 to 15 foot that make this place another Pro surfing destination.Tamarama beach
Lennox Head – Northern New South Wales
Lennox Head is one of Australia’s top surfing destinations. It offers right-hand point break that competes with Kirra’s Point break. This place has been another spot for surfers who can’t handle Byron. It has almost the same vibe with Byron, only this place is more subtle when it comes to its visitors. The breaks are in its finest and the surfing community in Lennox enjoys it almost every day. If you plan to visit, try to mingle with the surfing locals and let them teach you where you should hit your first wave. Surf’s up!Lennox head

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