5 most photographed places in the world

W hen travelling, you wouldn’t even think of the facts of which landmarks are photographed by so many professionals and tourists. I don’t even think that it will come across to your mind that you might be facing the no.1 most snapped landmark in the world. It’s interesting when you want to know the polls and how many snapped photos are taken each year. Sometimes it’s even in the exact angle of everyone else photo and the results are astounding and almost the same as others. To know more about the 5 most photographed places in the world, just read through.5 most photographed places in the world
New York – Empire State Building
The Empire State Building is on the top of my list. This famous skyscraper attracts more than 3.5 million visitors each year on its observatory decks.  The observatory decks offer a 360-degree view of the city. No wonder why this landmark has been so famous for photographers and tourists. The most popular shot of this skyscraper is from the streets below. To get that perfect angle, try to think outside of the box as this can always make your shot perfect and different from the others. Mostly photographers rush to the Rockefeller Centre, on its observation decks, where they have a 360degree panorama view of the city and the Empire State Building itself. new york empire state building
London, UK – Trafalgar Square
This tourist attraction in central London is second on my list. The famous Trafalgar Square is an old palace courtyard and transformed into a public space with statuaries, fountains and staircases in the 1800’s. It has been also a spot where activists do their protests which adds up more to the main attraction. Bystanders and spectators are all cam-worthy to be your subjects with an awesome backdrop of the Square. Not only that, the Trafalgar square has been featured in some of the most famous films like The Avengers, Casino Royale and many more. Trafalgar Square UK
San Francisco, CA – Union Square
The Union Square’s main downtown plaza has been a perfect place for photographers to shoot. This landmark is not only alluring photographers but also tourists at the same time because its focus is on shopping centres and restaurants in every corner of the square. The typical shot of Union Square is from Macy’s building, where you can have a wide-angle view of the landmark.Union Square california
Paris, France – Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel tower’s magnificence has brought a lot of visitors from all over the world to experience its majestic details. This landmark is 4th on my list. The basic or standard shot of the tower is taken from a far associating the backdrop view of the sky with spectators and bystanders under the towers grounds. The Eiffel tower has been famous for so many years and will keep its popularity for photographers and tourist alike is well seduced by this amazing iron lattice.Eiffel Tower in France
Los Angeles – Hollywood Walk of Fame
As the popularity of the movie stars in films grows, Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in Los Angeles is on the rise as well. A single snap shot of a star with an actor’s name engraved on it can be a standard shot. The reputation of this landmark has hit so many screens from films to personal lenses of each photographer who wants to cater American artist names in the movie industry. It is also visited by so many tourists taking a snap-shot of themselves with the famous and well-known names carved on the ground. Walk of Fame in Hollywood

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