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The Great Wall of China

Can you think of a more magnificent experience than doing Tai Chi on the Great Wall of China? Yes okay, doing pretty much anything on the Great Wall would be an adventure beyond words, but being able to briing the ancient martial art form back to it’s roots is truly something on another level. The Tai Chi was founded deep in the Chinese Orient and when visitng the Great Wall, you are sure to see many nationals as well as foreigners practicing their “pouring” and their “leg cycles” with the great Chinese wilderness as a backdrop.


San Francisco

San Francisco is known for being one of those cities that is a little bit “out there.” It’s inhabitants and visitors are such an eclectic array of people that it is neraly impossible to make a generalization about them. One thing is certain though, people in San Fran are down to try anything to get in touch with their inner mind and spirit while being active. Because of this, there are various classes offered and general public started “meetups” around San Francisco that center around Tai Chi. Heal your body, mind and soul doing Tai Chi facing the waterfront, in the heart of San Francisco’s China town or on an island facing the glorious Golden Gate Bridge.



The ClubMed resort in Albuferia, Portugal offers beachside Tai-Chi classes that have earned themselves rave reviews. The lessons are of very high quality and the setting on the beautiful grass field near the sea is majestic. After a lesson on how to get the “good air in and the bad air out” using this ancient method of martial arts, you may just be ready and destressed enough for one of those wolrd famous Portugal surfing trips!



Being one of the most Zen places out there, Bali offers a unique backdrop for the art of Tai Chi. Practice alone or join one of the many classes offered that tailor the level of Tai Chi to your experience. Try doing Tai Chi in the morning to get a burst of energy before exploring the Indonesian paradise that often goes overlooked by tourists. The oriental hints in architecture and cuisine are sure to amp up your Tai Chi experience.


Austin, TX

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a moment to clear your head at Zilker Park. There are many groups of Austinites who meet up at this park, and various others, on a weekly basis to engage in Tai Chi to relieve the stresses of work and school. Austin is well known for being a mecca for natural, body-centric activities, so get out there with the yogis and detox your mind, body and soul!

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