M ost people have a clear image of Ireland having leprechauns and clover leaves in their head when hearing about the said country. These images also create vast green lands with opulent culture and folklores that inhabits the place. This kind of information can make you wonder and think, if Ireland is a country that’s magical and out-of this-world. Well, you might be in for a real treat as this country has more to offer than only legendary tales. A visit might just confirm the truth behind all the stories. So read on through to know where the 5 places you should visit and see when traveling in Ireland.5 places to see in Ireland
If you want to feel like you’re at the edge of the world, try to visit the Cliffs of Moher. This smooth landscape’s edge is measured to have a 700 foot drop to the Atlantic Ocean that will make your heart stop.  It’s said to be the most remarkable coastal site in all of Europe. If you’re in the vicinity, don’t forget to miss dropping by the Burren. This landscape is known to be the world’s most bizarre and owning a rare ecosystem. Several prehistoric markers are also found here that specks the limestone flat terrain. A trip that’s interesting and mind-blowing at the same time.Irelands Landscape
Irish Attraction
The Blarney Castle located in Cork houses the Blarney Stone. This stone says to hold a legend that captivates almost 300,000 guests visiting every year. Legend says, if you kiss the stone, you will be fluent and expressive in speaking. Not a bad thing if you want to try your luck. ;) Today, this castle has become an Irish Cultural Centre describing the best of Ireland’s heritage.Blarney castle
Dublin, The capital city of Ireland
Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and a UNESCO City of Literature. This wonderful city has so many historic and modern sights to see. If you want to save heap loads to visit 30 or more attractions in Dublin, seek a Dublin Pass to see the sites for free. After seeing sites, try to stopover at local pubs and drink some Irish beer with young locals. Irish people are known to drink a lot, so it’s best to experience it first-hand. It’s also the most youthful city in all of Europe housing 50% of youngsters under the age of 25. Party on and enjoy while it lasts! This city is also the home of well-known writers and poets in the world like William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, and the man who introduced Dracula to the world, Bram Stoker. The best of Ireland is undoubtedly world-class.Ireland Dublin
Northern Ireland
The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. This city is historically rich with a hint of modern charms. Belfast was closed for tourists in the early 1990’s because of the war between Irish Catholics and Protestants. Fear no more, as today it already opened its doors to visitors while they are going through a little bit of renaissance. You can find many castles and historical establishments throughout the city of Belfast that’ll make your visit worth it.Belfast Northern Ireland

The South of Ireland is famous for its laidback lifestyle and having remarkable natural assets.  It has also an excellent view of the coastlines from rolling green hills in the South East all the way to Craggy. The ocean is centred to be the identity of the region catering water sports, seafood cuisines and a lovely elongating beach best for romantic strolls. All through the South, you’ll be tired of endless sightseeing, adventures, out-side activities and munching yourself to their gourmet pleasures. Try to save a little energy at the end of your day because there might be awesome parties in the local pubs. For sure, you don’t want to miss it. ;) Southern Ireland


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