5 Sights Not to Miss in England

England is one of those places steeped in history and absolutely abundant with fascinating sights to see for travelers. From Stonehenge tours to spending the day shopping in London, there is enough to keep any kind of traveler occupied for weeks. You might think of double-decker buses, red telephone booths, countryside cottages and tea with scones when you think of England, but don’t forget about these 5 great sights to check out in this country:


Tower of London

This majestic sight was originally a royal residence in the eleventh century before it became a prison from 1100 to the mid 1900’s. It’s now the home to the British Crown Jewels, an exquisite collection sure to leave you in awe. Not only is it filled with a remarkable collection of jewels, but the Tower of London is supposedly the most haunted building in England. Endless tales of ghosts haunting the tower have circulated for centuries, so make sure to check it out for yourself; maybe you’ll leave with your own ghost story!



It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in England, and for good reason. The mysterious collection of massive stones was produced by an ancient culture who left no written records of their activity, so there is no real explanation for Stonehenge’s existence. Stonehenge tours leave from London daily, and you can see the gorgeous rolling countryside on the way.


The Cotswalds

If you’ve always wanted to experience the rolling countryside of England dotted with quaint cottages and farms, take a trip through the Cotswalds. This region is known for its gentle green rolling hills, historical villages and stately homes and gardens.

Windsor Castle

This impressive and majestic castle is thought to be the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world- definitely a must-see when in England! It is one of the residences of Queen Elizabeth II who often uses it for entertaining, and many of its areas are open for the public to visit.

York Minster

Whether you’re interested in Gothic architecture or not, this massive cathedral is sure to impress you with its beauty. It’s one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe and is great for those interested in architecture because it includes all the major stages of Gothic architectural development in England throughout the centuries.



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