5 Tips on how to backpack solo as a female

W hen you plan to travel the world, sometimes you’re doubts invade your mind and make you paranoid especially when you are a female. In the first place, those thoughts shouldn’t be even in your head. Setting off can untie and break your routine of the everyday life and will give you a blissful experience. So if you are female and want to let your hair down, read through as I have listed 5 tips on how to travel by yourself.5 tips on how to backpack solo as a female
Hostel Tips
Most backpackers stay at hostels for a cheap-style of accommodation. This is certainly a place where you can find and meet interesting people from across the globe traveling. Staying at dorms can be a fun way for you to socialize with your roomies and get to know them. This can make you feel at ease and calm. It would be also a big help for you to stay on the bottom of the bunk bed. You can make use of the floor to lay down your belongings, but remember not to take too much space from other lodgers. With that type of accommodation, you can’t avoid stumbling across annoying travelers and this happens most of the time. If you do so, consider a positive attitude on it and things will just go your way.Hostel tips
Packing Tips
Traveling as a female requires an excellent skill of packing especially when selecting clothes and organizing what to bring or not to bring. Basic clothing like tees and shorts will make you look fresh and relaxed while traveling, make sure you packed the right quantity to carry. Don’t forget to pack a pair of rubber slippers for comfort and long walks. Ladies have their own beauty routine, so don’t forget to pack your basic cosmetics to look glamorous while on the road. Also try separating your valuable belongings on another bag, with this you can keep track of the things that needs to be taken care of like cameras, expensive make-ups and your passport. Packing tips for female
Lavatory Tips
If you try to enter a lavatory that smells disgusting and looks foul, then you’re in for a real treat. I know and have experienced that it’s the most unpleasant event you will ever encounter while traveling- But don’t worry ladies! You have always other options like going commando and all out on the bushes and have the best scenery while doing your thing. Go green and use the leaves to wipe excess and save your toilet paper for the next trip on a proper bathroom.  Have fun and laugh about it as this kind of situation can only give you something to talk about to your fellow travelers.Lavatory tips for female backpackers

Dress-code Tips
Before heading off to see the world, don’t forget to know the culture of the country you are heading to and how their women are dressing. If you don’t want to be stared at and whistled to, dress properly.  The best thing to do is not to flash too much skin and don’t wear shorty short shorts as this attracts unwanted attention. Remember some countries are old fashioned and has their own ways of understanding how women should act in public or even when socializing. So, if you have plans to show off some skin, do it when it’s time to party. You might look outdated in the morning but regain your looks when night comes. Dresscode tips for female backpackers
Set off and enjoy
Don’t be a nun when traveling. Let loose and shake the weight off your shoulders. This can not only make you look stress-free but can also help you mentally and physically.  If you travel alone as a female, don’t worry yourself with the paranoia of your surroundings. Relax and enjoy the moment while you still have it. Bring to mind that not every woman has the courage to take a step, specifically when going solo wandering the outskirts of the world. If you get a chance to see it alone, grab the opportunity and drift with the wind. You’ll never know where it might take you but for sure it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Female Backpacker

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