Getting the staff away from their working environment from time to time can have tremendous benefits. One of the secrets behind a successful business is often a well-motivated staff. It can be the difference between companies with similar products and sales and marketing strategies. There are many ways to get the best out of your staff, and one is to have regular consultations involving everyone in the logic behind the strategy that is taking the company forward. If, for example, you want to escape from the bustle of Johannesburg and take your staff with you, there is the town of Polokwane, three hours north, that you may like to consider.

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Any perceptive CEO is likely to create an atmosphere whereby everyone feels involved and is made to feel like they have an important role in the operation. In practical terms, that may be in quarterly meetings of sales staff to discuss current issues and new products to move the company forward. If those meetings involve hard work as well as leisure activities, salesmen are likely to return to the field refreshed and motivated to continue to produce the goods.


With modern airline links throughout South Africa, there are really no restrictions on where meetings can be held. Businesses may decide to change locations regularly, particularly as there are quality hotel groups that can offer good standards at a variety of locations. Groups like will even respond to regular clients with special offers and packages.


Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban are obvious places to hold meetings, but South Africa has much more to offer than those three major cities. Accommodation in Polokwane is excellent, with all the facilities needed to run a professional business event, yet there is also the opportunity to spend more informal time in the region, perhaps even a quick visit to the northern section of Kruger Park. Whilst the south end of the park has been particularly popular, there are no barriers preventing the animals from roaming at will, and there is plenty to see in the northern section.

The Word Is Spreading

Overseas visitors to South Africa discovered this growing town during the 2010 Soccer World Cup because it hosted four games in the Group Stages, including ones involving former winners of the Cup: Argentina, who played Greece, and France, who lost to Mexico in a campaign that the French would rather forget. The city also has one of the South African Premier League sides, but it has so much more.

Wildlife enthusiasts visiting southern Africa often land at Johannesburg, even if their ultimate destination is Botswana or Zimbabwe. They pass through this region en route to the north and often stop to enjoy the town and its facilities. It is close enough to the conurbations of Johannesburg and Pretoria for a weekend break, a sharp contrast to life back in the cities. Polokwane continues to grow, and as its reputation spreads, so will the number of visitors it welcomes each year.

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