R ecently cruise holidays have had a makeover.  This type of holiday is ideal for those who have a spirit of adventure but don’t want to have the hassle of booking hotels, lugging their baggage from one destination to another or coping with the vagaries of national transport systems.  On a cruise all of these holiday headaches just evaporate.

Cruise ship deck


The modern cruise is enjoyed by all age groups and can encompass a wide variety of interests. For some cruises the passenger will have to fly to the point of embarkation, this is sometimes included in the cruise price, and for other cruises it’s as easy as just traveling down to the port and then just boarding the ship.  Anyone who chooses this type of holiday can rest assured that they will be traveling in comfort and style.  An increasing number of ships offer onboard lectures about the places that will be visited in order to inform the traveler in advance about what to expect.  Most ships offer onboard entertainment and the cabins and food are sumptuous. Imagine returning to the liner after a hard day’s sightseeing safe in the knowledge that the accommodation is reassuringly familiar and that the food on offer will reflect the local menus and that all the passenger has to do is put their feet up in anticipation of the next destination.



It’s up to the individual’s budget, time limitations and interests where they choose to go.  The holiday can be as exotic as the traveler desires.  Current options on offer from Norwegian Cruise Line Cruises include a trip around the Eastern Mediterranean starting at Venice, This Italian city can be exhausting, there is literally so much to see so if anyone does intend to visit the Serenissima, the ancient name for the Venetian Republic, a walk around St Mark’s Square, stopping off at the Doge’s Palace will probably serve as an introduction.  This trip also includes a visit to Istanbul so the passenger will be able to see the glories of the Byzantine age in their home setting before heading off to Naples.  If anyone is looking for an introduction to a country, then a cruise is certainly a comfortable and idyllic way to sample this world.


Winter sun 

A cruise to Honolulu will introduce the traveller to the tropical delights of Hawaii and also offer a welcome break from everyday life. Anyone who plans their trip for October will be able to enjoy the Festival of Na Lima Hana, which is a celebration of regional dancing, food and local drumming and singing.  The lowest cruise prices tend to be around the autumn for those in the Northern hemisphere.  One of the benefits of a trip to Hawaii is that the sun shines throughout the year.  Alternatively if anyone wishes to view the Northern lights in Lapland or take a trip to Alaska, then they can probably put up with the cold because they know that they’ll always be returning to a warm and comfortable ship after the day’s exertions.


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Recently cruise holidays have had a makeover.  This type of holiday is ideal for those who have a spirit of […]