F or many thousands of people all across the world, mountain climbing is their great passion in life. It’s an exciting and challenging sport, but it’s also a sport in which there have been many, many fatalities.


In order to decrease the chances of an accident occurring on the mountain, you need to be 100% sure of all the hazards out there and take the necessary safety precautions.

The biggest hazard people face when mountain climbing is falling. Extreme surfaces of exposed rock can make just one slip enough to break a few bones. The climber must always be aware of the surrounding environment and make sure that his/her strengths are capable of completing the climb.

You must make sure you have the best safety equipment possible for the climb. Certain climbs will be more difficult than other ones, so you must constantly be certain that you have to proper gear. Climbing a local 5,000 foot mountain takes a different approach than scaling a 20,000 foot one.

While climbing, one must remember the speed with which the weight can be rotated from one point to another. Any sudden jerking motions can cause a fall. Take advantage of any multiple hand/foot points that you can find. The more support you can find then better. That way, if one support suddenly gives away – you’ll have at least one other to prevent an accident.

Avalanches are another common danger that climbers face. If you aren’t experienced with the techniques associated with snow climbing, then it’s best to avoid such a scenario. The leader of the team must make an educated decision to turn back if he feels that an avalanche threat is possible. This can be a tough call to make, but safety comes first at all costs.

If you want to check out some top range equipment that will help you on your next climb then simply search for PureSafety online and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Weather is another unpredictable force of nature that all climbers worry about. Make sure and do your homework before setting out for a climb. It would be lethal not to research regarding what the weather conditions will be like.

Like anything risky, you must take proper precautions and bring the correct safety equipment for the job. Leaving yourself exposed to the elements on a mountain has cost thousands of people their life. It’s not worth taking the chance with being unprepared.

Be prepared, and enjoy the climb.



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