T he East Coast of Australia has a wide variety of attractions promoting the rich Australian culture and one-of-a-kind geography, increasingly popular to international tourists. Plenty of activities await tourists on the East Coast, including rainforests, big cities and many beaches, so let’s take a look at some of the best of them!

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is the architectural and cultural focal point of the metropolis of Sydney. Offering five venues for the performance of the arts, including the Opera Theatre, the Concert Hall and the Drama Theatre, the Sydney Opera House always hosts events for the interested traveler. The Concert Hall serves as the home of several different orchestras and choirs, and offers a never-ending plethora of concerts. Designed with plays in mind, the Drama Theatre hosts a variety of performances throughout the year including those from the Sydney Theatre Company, spoken word artists and international traveling shows.

The Harbour Bridge

The Harbour Bridge of Sydney is an imposing and impressive structure, whether views during day or night. Built from steel, it allows passive of rail, cars and pedestrians, offering the tourist a ‘Bridge-Climb’ that leads visitors up the southern side of the bridge for a summit to the top of the structure, rewarding the victorious with views of the city and bay.

Daintree National Park

Consisting of magnificent beaches, cloud-covered mountains and tropical rainforests, DaintreeNational Park is a breathtaking park seventy miles North Cairns. A National Heritage Site stretching from the outback to the Great Barrier Reef , the park is home to large birds, fruit bats, green frogs and butterflies. You will also have the opportunity to see saltwater crocodiles living in the park’s many rivers, and the mysterious Northern Brown Bandicoot. Daintree Park also has spiritual significance to the Aborigines, and is a place where indigenous culture and species collide in a mesmerizing experience for tourists.

Great Ocean Road

A scenic road that cuts through southwest Victoria, the Great Ocean Road begins in Melbourne and passes by beaches, ports and groves. Stop by Apollo Bay, a sleepy village in the shadow of the Otways that offers activities from surfing to antiques. The Great Ocean Road passes through Geelong, a town that homes many historical buildings and offers the tourist an opportunity to unwind with a local wine tasting.

One of the best coastal routes all over the world, the Great Ocean Road passes by villages, lush waterfalls and forests, and serves as one of Australia’s best roadways to see experience the best this nation has to offer.

The Gallery of Victoria

This architecturally-astounding building serves upone of the best Australian art collections. Located in Melbourne, this museum marries Australian gems with international acquisitions. With works from Van Eyck, Tintoretto and Rembrandt, the Gallery of Victoria remains a little known home of some of the greatest paintings in the world. A break outside allows the museum-goer to bask in the southerly sun near the many water features or under the great stained-glass ceiling. But both the artworks and the architecture are uniquely Australian, and solidifies this nation’s constant connection with its European ancestors.

Have fun out there on Australia’s East Coast. It’s certainly worth the trip, especially when you can get flights for great price.

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