T urkey may not be the first place to spring to mind when you’re planning your weekend getaway, but take a second look and you will see Dalaman offers much to get excited about.
A busy and expanding international airport makes Dalaman an efficient gateway destination for exploring the wider country of Turkey, but millions of tourists each year don’t get much further than a few steps off the plane. When you see Dalaman, you’ll see why.

Dalaman Coast
Perched on the south-western tip of the coast of Turkey, Dalaman is warm and sunny throughout the year, and Turkish winters are short-lived and during summer months there is hardly a cloud in the sky. Frankly, Dalaman has the perfect beach climate, and so it is just as well that the city is blessed with miles of white, sandy beaches, extending as far as the eye can see. Dalaman cheap flights from airlines like Jet2.com are in plentiful supply at prices to suit even the tightest budget, so little more than a click of a mouse can see you nearly 2,000 miles and several worlds away from all your cares at home.
Awe-Inspiring Adventure
If you can rouse yourself from your sun-bathed repose for an hour or so, Dalaman simply begs to be explored.
If you’re feeling adventurous, or maybe all that sun has you feeling giddy, every keen hikers dream, the Lycian Way, skirts the city, and the few miles stretch within an easy distance offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and landscapes, as well as tempting stop off points with local delicacies on offer for refreshment.
With nearby Olu Deniz hosting the International Air Games each October, take a leaf out of the locals’ book and try your hand at paragliding! If you have the stomach for leaping into the air from the Dalaman cliff-tops, then truly breathtaking views and awe-inspiring vistas are yours for the taking.
Curiosities abound in Dalaman too, including the Alexandria Railway Station which may legitimately claim to be the only train station in the world that was built by accident. A mix-up in a supply-yard in France in 1905 resulted in the plans and materials for the Khedive’s official residence being dispatched to the north of Egypt, and those for the new train station in Alexandria arriving in Dalaman. Straightening out the error being too costly, the Turkish and Egyptians went ahead and each built the buildings they received, with Dalaman boasting an extravagant railway terminus many miles from the nearest operational line, even having a few miles of track laid in front, though they go nowhere. Now the headquarters for the state farm, and overgrown with ivies and other plants, the gardens and grounds surrounding the Station are beautifully landscaped and maintained – well worth checking out.

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