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Family Memories

“Mum, I want my book!” “Dad, are we nearly there yet?” “I’m tired!”

Does this sound familiar? Anyone who has ever travelled with children will know that whilst for the most part it can be tolerable, there are parts of any journey that will be stressful at best, and hair-pulling-out at worst!


Family holidays are the things memories are made of, I can still remember my first few family holidays, and whilst the memories are great things to have, they do tend to be rather selective over the years, with the worst bits being blocked out! Those parts are usually centred around travel, and if you have one, two, three or even four little darlings in tow, it’s quite possible that a headache will come into play at some point during the day.

Early flights of course mean early starts, and it’s hard enough getting yourself up when its pitch black outside and your body is screaming ‘sleep!’, never mind the kids too. Cue tantrums and tears out of sheer tiredness.

There are ways to help, and one I’ve found very useful is to pre-book an airport hotel the night before travelling, whether it’s an early flight or not, as the whole experience cuts down on stress, settles the kids into being away from home, and actually starts the whole holiday experience earlier, which is never a bad thing.


Cutting costs wherever possible is important these days, and no family has money to spare. Thankfully, hotels with AirportHotels.com are cheap, great value for money and the service is second to none, especially when combined with other added extras, such as airport parking.

Another cost cutting idea is to fly from Gatwick, or other London airports, where fares tend to be cheaper. Yes, that involves travel if you live far away, but often the cost combined is cheaper than a more regional flight. This is where an airport hotel would come in very handy, and with a great range of Gatwick Hotels on offer, you’re sure to find something to suit your budget.

Calming the kids down before travelling also has many other advantages, such as a family meal in relative peace, before putting the children to bed early, bathed and ready for the next day, whilst the adults chill out with a drink and put their feet up, looking forward to the holiday. Holidays are about relaxation after all! Breakfast is generally included, or at a minimal cost, which means filling up before hitting the airport, and avoiding expensive meals in the terminal itself.

Stansted Airport Hotels are available all year around, so if you’re heading off for a family winter break, you’re well catered for, but of course there are airport hotels available country-wide, all giving the same great value and service, fit for those family holiday memories.

Whilst we can’t guarantee no cry of “are we nearly there yet?” we can guarantee a much more relaxed and fun start to a holiday – check it out for yourself and keep your nerves intact!


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