Find beauty and wonder in Flam, Norway

The Stegastein Viewpoint The Stegastein Viewpoint

World-famous, the scenic fjords of Norway should be on everyone’s bucket list. To discover them at their most beautiful, and a wealth of other traditional Norwegian attractions besides, I recommend visiting Flam – a lovely little village tucked away in the Aurlandsfjord.

The Stegastein Viewpoint

The Stegastein Viewpoint

Perhaps the best way to explore it is by booking a cruise from Harwich, which means you can spend the bulk of your trip on the water – the perfect way to get into the spirit of the place. Of course, another advantage of doing this is that you’ll also be able to visit other Norwegian destinations along the way, such as Bergen. Before I get sidetracked talking about where else you can visit, though, let’s turn our attention back to Flam itself.

An introduction to Flam

Surrounded by mountains, Flam is awash with natural attractions, from rushing waterfalls to deep valleys. As well as being incredibly scenic in itself, it is the perfect base for exploring the vast Sognefjord and its many attractions, including the breathtaking Stegastein Viewpoint, which I’ll talk about more in a moment.

The Aurlandsfjord, where Flam is located, is a tributary of the Sognefjord.

The Stegastein Viewpoint

One of the attractions you really cannot miss is the Stegastein Viewpoint, which is on the Aurlandsvegen Road. This walkway, with a glass end, sticks out some 31 m from a cliffside high above the Aurlandsfjord. Taking a stroll down it, you’ll have the feeling of floating above this spectacular fjord – and since the platform is suspended 650 m above the water, you’ll need to have a head for heights!


The Aurlandsfjord isn’t the only fjord worth admiring around here. The Naeroyfjord (another branch of the Sognefjord) is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world, making it a must-see. In fact, it’s so scenic that it’s been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As it’s such an important local attraction, it’s easy to take a tour to see it from Flam. In fact, if you take a round trip from Flam to Gudvangen and back again, you can explore the Aurlandsfjord and Naeroyfjord in one trip.

Another fun option is to go fjord kayaking – the perfect way to experience the Naeroyfjord up close. Being so narrow and sheltered by mountains, this fjord is the perfect place to practise the sport. By the way, if you decide to visit Flam as part of a cruise, you’re likely to find a kayaking trip is one of the excursions offered – if so, you might find a tasty grilled lunch is served on the fjord shore as part of your trip.

Norwegian cuisine

Speaking of lunch, Norway is home to some fantastic cuisine, so make the effort to try dishes that feature some local specialities. Better still, go on a foodie adventure!

One of the best options is to take a trip from Flam to Aurland via the Laerdal Tunnel. Firstly, this’ll give you the chance to go through the world’s longest road tunnel (more than 15 miles long). Secondly, by doing so you can visit the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre.

Here, you can watch a film – interestingly shot from the viewpoint of a salmon – before browsing exhibitions and learning about the history of salmon fishing from a local historian. And the piece de resistance? A tasting of locally caught salmon.

Aurland Shoe Factory

Last on my list is Aurland Shoe Factory. You see, the Aurland Shoe is an important slice of local culture, being a traditional type of footwear that’s been made here since the 1930s.

A visit to the factory will introduce you to the process of making these shoes, while you’ll also have the opportunity to buy a pair to take home.


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