Fun and Excitement for Kids Just Got Better In the UK with Discount Coupons


Kids just love getting onto these four wheeled quad bikes and splash through pools of water, dirt trails and muddy banks. It is fun when you take them out for a quad biking experience on a weekend or for their birthdays. Quad biking is challenging, enjoyable and safe.

quad biking UK

Head to a kids quad biking London based site; hire a bike, let your kid receive basic instructions and sit back as he zooms off on an exciting ride that will surely make his day.  For about £20 to 35 your kid can have a quad biking experience in London followed by a party. Quadrophoenia is in Cheshire, not far from London and offers 50 cc Suzuki quad bikes chosen with the safety of your kids in mind. Quad Safari is just on the outskirts in Cheshunt on the Hertfordshire-Essex border set against a superb backdrop of Georgian mansion with interesting quad biking trails winding through inclines and woods. Quadnation is only 47 minutes from London and has a variety of biking trails comprising of descents, climbs and winding trails to keep your kid fully engrossed in a thrilling ride. The Scout Association by Gilwell Park in Chingford is another location where you can let your kid indulge in quad bike racing at fantastic prices. Traq Motor Racing in Croydon, Surrey lets you and your family have a picnic while your child careens around winding dirt bike trails on a quad bike. These are just a few of the quad bike locations in and around London should you want to fulfil your child’s desire and let him race to his heart’s content.


The smart thing to do is get your friends to accompany you along with their children. If you have eight kids you can let them have their fill of quad biking for only £100. If you cannot, you may end up paying £30 for a 30 minute session of £55 for an hour of sheer fun. Your child may enjoy it but that expense and incidentals add up to quite a lot.


You can save and still let your child enjoy as much as he wants when you look for hot deals UK kids. These quad biking establishments put out special offers from time to time. In addition they are tied to specialist online discount voucher websites. Visit one such online discount coupon site, register and watch out for special deals on quad biking in your area. A deal of the day may have as much as 70% discount on the regular price which means you end up paying only £10 or so.  If you are hosting a birthday party for your kid and he has invited friends along you can let them all enjoy as much as they want without worrying about the expense. Another exciting option is to take them all for a half hour’s helicopter ride, again made affordable and all the more enjoyable with these discount coupons. The London Helicopter tours, The Blue Tiger Company and Viator London Tours are the ones you should try.


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