Gambling in Macau

A country as vast as China has a lot to offer, and can be overwhelming in its scope. However, approaching it piece by piece is a lot more manageable. One small corner of it in particular deserves some attention on this blog—Macau, the “Monte Carlo of the East.”

macau 2This former Portuguese colony has a fascinating history and a lot of exciting attractions packed into a very small space. While only sitting on 30 square kilometers (London, by comparison, takes up over 1500). Macau is packed with entertainment centers. Nightly performances of many styles wow audiences from around the world, and the festival atmosphere of this free-wheeling autonomous zone is a big contrast from the rest of China.

macau 1The biggest draw for Macau is, of course, gambling. Gaming for money has been legal since Macau was a Portuguese territory in the 1800s, and is today the single largest component of its economy and infrastructure. Millions of visitors come each year to try their luck at the 30 or so casinos on the peninsula and adjacent Taipa Island. While casinos were run by a monopoly until the early 2000s, the doors were opened to western developers and now a range of lavish options exist, each with their own themes and attractions. None of them are anything short of opulent, and guests are made to feel like royalty at all times. In addition to the casinos, there are incredibly popular horse and greyhound racing tracks that offer on-track, off-track, online, and phone betting, as well as multiple lucrative lotteries. With all of the money moving around and Macau’s enviable position as a special administrative region that enjoys benefits of Chinese rule without having to play by all the same rules, it isn’t surprising that the territory is also a banking center and home to many offshore accounts. Macau is a free port and a tax haven, which just adds to the sense of wealth and sophistication that eludes the elites of other societies. This is party central.

macau 3Macau is less than 40 kilometers from Hong Kong, and transport in this area of China is easy and modern. There’s also an airport in Macau if you just can’t wait to test out the tables. But, if all this is too overwhelming for you and you’re not confident enough in your betting skills just yet, don’t forget to do some practice first.

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