Experiencing the great outdoors is best done on a caravan and you get to do a lot of awesome activities such as walking, caving and fishing. Luckily, there are a lot of camp sites where you can do just that and more, but be sure to insure your motor home, if you are looking for a good insurance company, check out the policies offered by The Caravan Club.
For those who love going on a caravan tour and at the same time, catch fish, do a bit of walking and cycling while enjoying wildlife, here are some of the best camp sites:

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  • Houghton Mill Caravan Site. This site which sits on River Great Ouse’s bank have a splendid view and it is a paradise not only for those who love to fish but also for people who are interested in cycling and walking. Bridleways and footpaths are in abundance in the area as well as many waterways. Since the site is at the fringe of Houghton, a charming village with quaint shops, campers can purchase local traditions. Fishing on this site is best done on September when the area is quieter.


  • Lucksall Caravan and Camping Park. Nature lovers would relish the experiences offered by this woodland park which is bordered by flowerbeds, trees and shrubs. This site is just the place to catch a glimpse of curious otters and kingfishers that are flitting up and down the nearby river. With a direct access to River Wye, you can wonder through miles of lovely tracks winding into the woodland forest and back. If you also have a weak spot for canoeing, you are in for a treat because this is one of the premier spots for this sport in the country. Coarse fishing enthusiasts would also love this place as it is a great spot for anglers.


  • York Rowntree Park. Located in New Yorkshire on the banks of the Ouse, you can enjoy your privacy as the area is bordered by glades and hedges. York, a pretty and historic city is within walking distance and the site is perfect for exploring the Yorkshire area. A walk within the city walls will bring you to a close encounter with medieval timber-framed homes. Aside from taking charming walks along the area, you get to go fishing, its open all year round and you can enjoy a variety of water sports.


  • Wagtail Country Park. This site is set on the peaceful countryside of Lincolnshire and there are a lot of great sites near the area. The towns of Newark and Grantham are a short drive away and sites like the Cathedral of Lincoln is also close by. You can fish from the stocked lake nearby; they have tench, carp, rudd and more. Due to the shrubs and the leveled grass, the area offers greater privacy and there are areas which are only for adults. Onsite, there are short wildlife walks and long walks that will take you into the beautiful countryside.


  • Berwich Seaview Caravan Club Site. Given its location on England’s northernmost site, you get to enjoy a combination of spectacular views in the country and across Scotland’s border. Overlooking the river estuary is a site which is perfect for walking your dogs. Small castles, serene beaches and ruins are sprinkled around the area and they are surely great destinations for caravan travelers. The nearby Goswick Golf Club boasts of the best link courses in the country and you can definitely catch some fish while enjoying the serene environment around you.


Whether you love the idea of going out to fish, walking your canines or simply stretching your legs for long walks in the countryside and spending the night camped out, these destinations are definitely good ones. Aside from these, there are numerous national parks where you can pitch a tent or park your car with towed caravan for a deserved rest.

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