When I think of Cancun, my mind instantly thinks of crystal clear waters and sandy beaches. It also thinks of the infamous ‘spring break’ parties that take place there every year. It has to be one of the best places on the planet for the ultimate beach holiday, of that there is no question what so ever! Millions go there each year to sun bather, swim, party and relax. I am lucky enough to have been one of those people, if you are not in that group then I suggest you change that quickly! Cancun holidays are a great way to de stress and spend the money you work hard to earn each year, you deserve to spend it on a holiday that is going to be out of this world – Cancun is just that!

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Here are some interesting facts about this famous tourist destination:

- This beautiful hotspot wasn’t always known as Cancun, in the past it was called Ekab. Ekab literally translates as Black Earth.

- Cancun is so, so important to the Mexican tourist industry, over a whopping thirty percent of the whole country’s tourism income is made in Cancun. There is a good reason for that, sun and sand! With beautiful beaches and over two hundred and forty five days of sunshine each year, this is every beach lover’s paradise!

- Believe it or not Cancun used to only have used to have 3 residents! How times have changed since 1970, now there are over seven hundred thousand residents in Cancun. The increase is residents has been so quick because once developers saw the opportunities in the resort they started developing as quickly as the possibly could, throughout the 80′s and 90′s the resort development boomed no end.

- If you are thinking about getting married in Cancun then you won’t be the only one. More and more people are deciding to get married overseas these days, a lot of them are choosing Cancun. It makes for the picture perfect wedding with white sand and blue waters as the back drop to your special day. It also gives your friends and family the holiday of a lifetime, you will inundated with people requesting a seat on the plane to watch you tie the knot. Cancun is a wedding hotspot with over forty six thousand weddings being held there each year. I can’t think of a better place to get hitched in the sun than Cancun!


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