Travel rewards from your credit card can be pretty awesome. Not only do you get free rewards, but you get rewards for purchasing things you had already planned to buy anyway. There are many strategies that can be used to maximize your reward potential, and below we have organized the best ones we could find.

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Link your card to your most used frequent flyer account
Not all travel rewards cards are linked to your frequent flyer account, and many of them do not need to be in order to earn rewards. However, to maximize your rewards, make sure to be a frequent flier on one major airline and attempt to align yourself with this airline through your credit card. Many credit cards will give you double points or miles for travel purchases directly through their company, so the miles will multiply, not just add up, when you make qualifying purchases.

Keep track of promotional opportunities available
At your bank’s website you can keep tabs on the current promotions being offered. There are several different promotions offered at the same time, so regularly checking back to see what you can use is vital to making the most of your rewards card. When planning future purchases or travel, planning for birthdays or Christmas, checking the website before purchasing elsewhere is a great way to earn your rewards as fast as possible.

Pay as many bills as possible
In order to reap the maximum amount of rewards, make it a habit to pay with your credit card. No matter if you are at the grocery store, gas station, or paying utility bills, ask if you can pay with your card. Consistent little purchases add up quickly, which means rewards add up quickly, too. If a company requires a fee for paying with a credit card, do the math to determine if the fee is worth it. Many times it may not be, but it’s better to be sure than miss out on rewards.

Ditch other rewards cards
For maximum rewards, it is in your best interest to put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Earning a few rewards on one card and a few on the next will not help you earn a big ticket reward, like an international flight or a cruise. While a little bit here and there can help earn big, splitting those reward points will not help.

Always pay off your credit card balance monthly
A reward isn’t a reward if you are paying for it monthly. In order to get the most out of your credit card, pay it off to avoid fees and high interest rates. This way, when you do earn your reward it will truly be a reward.

Use your rewards
Not all reward points expire, but even if they don’t it’s good to cash in every once in a while to remind yourself why you do this.

Happy travels!


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