T hose of us with children will know it’s no easy task thinking up ways of distracting them from holiday boredom and the almost inevitable mischief that results. One solid way of resolving this is to take them somewhere they can spend all the energy they’d otherwise be spending on driving you completely bonkers.

1. The City of London

London! There is plenty to do here and you’ll never be short on ideas, even if you’ve been to the city more than once. Museums are a great option as they are generally free and they offer kids the chance to have a bit of freedom while they’re learning about science and the history of the planet. Take a picnic with you to save even more money and you’ve got yourself a winner. Not so worried about your budget? Take a trip on the London Eye (provided that it’s a clear day).

2. Drayton Manor

As soon as you utter the words ‘theme’ and ‘park’ in quick succession, all other options become irrelevant. A little smaller than the other better known parks, Drayton Manor suits younger children with entertainments such as a zoo and ‘Thomasland’. Again, take lunch with you as food in the park can be very pricey.

3. West Midlands Wildlife Park

This is exactly what it says on the tin. Kids love animals and love them even more when they can see the big ones up close. This park allows you to let the kids roam around – under your watchful eye of course – and explore the part at the leisure. Packing a picnic to make the time last a bit longer is a great idea in the summer and you might even have the chance to do a bit of sun-seeking while the kids play. Well worth it.

4. Gower Surf School

If I was seven and my mum told me that she was taking me to surfing lessonsI’d have been bouncing off the walls. Definitely the pick of the bunch, the Gower Surf School in Wales is the ideal place for a weekend break with kids. With a range of options and courses, there’s something for every budding surfer. What’s more, they make it very easy to rent all the equipment you’ll need for the lessons so there are no pre-trip prerequisites. If you’re thinking of Wales, think of surfing.

5. Longleat Safari

Longleat Safari Park and Longleat House have long been go-to places for families looking for something a little different. The safari offers kids the chance to experience wild animals in a unique way, right in the heart of the House’s beautiful grounds. The house tour itself is also hugely interesting, so it’s a great day out for the whole family.

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