Three Things to Do in Jamaica

J amaica is home to some incredibly beautiful beaches, delicious food, wonderful music, amazingly fast people (ok maybe just Usain Bolt) and some of the best sites in the world. There are great villas in Jamaica that will give you the most relaxing relaxation that you could ask for. It is so relaxing that I had to use the word twice in a row! Jamaica has way more to offer than just a beautiful beach front. When in Jamaica here are three things that you need to pull yourself away from the beach for.

Dunn’s River Falls & Park

Dunn’s River Falls & Park gives visitors a unique experience. It gives you the opportunity to climb up a waterfall. While this sounds dangerous, I assure you it isn’t what you’re thinking. It wouldn’t be like trying to scale the side of Niagara Falls but more like a leisurely hike walking through water and climbing rocks every now and then. The rocks are slippery though and the hike does require some physical exertion and strength. If you don’t feel like you can make it up to the top, there is a perfectly beautiful park to wander and a beach at the bottom of the falls. This adventure can take a few hours. There is food available and shops in the park where you can buy souvenirs. But be weary of the people that run the shops, they will sell at the highest possible price to try and get deeper into your pocket. Haggle with them and pay as little as you possibly can!

Go to the Blue Mountain National Park

This park is a gorgeous area on the eastern edge of the island. It has beautiful views that people will travel from all over the world to see. Hiking to the top of the mountain is no easy task. The peak is over 7,000 feet in elevation and many hikers will take up to three days to complete the trek. Its tricky because as you climb higher it will get colder and this can be a real problem if only packed beach clothes. Be prepared before going on the journey. There are many companies that will run tours of the mountain either by foot or by bike. See what fits you best and you will have the time of your life. If you are a nature lover and avid hiker then this will be the perfect paradise within paradise for you. There is nothing like being fully encompassed by nature and being able to see the world in its own undisturbed element.

Blue Mountain Park

Visit the Home of Bob Marley

No conversation about Jamaica is complete without mentioning the musical genius and legend that is Bob Marley. He was more than just a musical legend as his views and philosophies on life and the world are embraced by people all over the world even today. Bob Marley grew up in the small village of Nine Mile. You can tour the house he was born in which is decorated with reds, greens, and yellows. On the inside walls of the house are messages to Marley from dedicated fans. Also on the grounds you can see where he was buried and a mausoleum that was erected in his honor. This is something that can’t go unvisited. The sounds of Marley will be in your head for the rest of the day, and there is nothing wrong with that! Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright…

Bob Marley's House

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