Top 5 Destinations for 2013

Me in Wadi Rum, Jordan Me in Wadi Rum, Jordan

I f you want to visit somewhere with a difference this year and fancy a change from the usual sun, sand and sea in the Mediterranean, you should try one of these five resorts that come highly recommended by the travel experts at Bales Worldwide.

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Me in Wadi Rum, Jordan


First on the list is Japan, a land where ancient meets modern on almost every street you walk down. It really does offer something for everyone.

The juxtaposition of modern and traditional cannot be better surmised than by arriving in Tokyo on the world famous Bullet train and then taking a slow walk through the beautiful cherry blossom lined streets in springtime on your way to exploring the Imperial Palace.

Japan’s history, culture and lifestyle all blend seamlessly and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Costa Rica

If you are a lover of more natural sights then you should head to the next place on our list, Costa Rica, which offers so much unspoilt and wild countryside along with a wealth of flora and fauna.

In Costa Rica you will feel like a true explorer – where else can you go where you can walk on volcanoes, through jungles and visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest all on the same island?


Third on the list is the mystical land of India. A perfect trip to India would include a visit to the Taj Mahal at sunset and a boat trip down the Ganges River at dawn to witness the pilgrims washing.

Other amazing sights would be one of the game parks and hoping to spot a tiger before visiting some of the historic forts of Rajasthan where the Maharajah used to call home before India secured independence.

You could also opt to do none of those and go off the beaten track in this magical country and find so much to see and do. It really is a country that has so much to offer anyone who is lucky enough to visit it.


Another country that has so much to explore and is crammed with ancient monuments and a rich culture is Jordan.

You can find something new each time you visit this country but some of the must see locations include the rose coloured city of Petra, which almost seems like a gateway to another time!

You should also make time to journey into the Wadi Rum desert to live like a Bedouin before experiencing the reviving properties of the Dead Sea.


The final destination in our top five is Burma (Myanmar), a unique place that has managed to preserve so much of its breath taking natural environment, rich tradition and cultural heritage.

One of the most popular things to do in Burma is take a balloon ride over the ruins of Bagan and take in all the empty temples that date back to the 11th century. Another must see site is the Golden Pagoada at Kyaiktiyo which is perched precariously on top of a rocky outcrop. You will certainly be left in awe when you think about what it must have took to build it in such a location hundreds of years ago.

While we have mentioned some of the best things to see and do in these fantastic locations you might not fancy getting to and from them all by yourself. If that does sound like you then escorted tours from Bales Worldwide would be ideal as it takes much of the stress out of getting to and from sights and also you can relax knowing you are getting to see the best each destination has to offer.

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