Top 5 Exotic Golf Courses

T he world has embraced the sport of golf, and it is no longer an activity just for retired white men. People of all ages play for fun or at a competitive level, and female and minority players have gained increasing prominence as more and more people tune in to televised tournaments. While for some, golfing at the local course is the best place imaginable, others would like to travel to more exciting locales to indulge in the sport. Here are five great international destinations for the sport:

Top 5 Golfing Holidays 11. Old Head Golf Links, Cork, Ireland
Possibly the most famous course in the world, there’s no way to not put Old Head at the top of the list. This magnificent piece of land juts out more than two miles into the Atlantic Ocean, creating a stunning panoramic backdrop for players of the highest caliber. As long as the weather cooperates (and even if it doesn’t), this is one of the most beautiful places to play.

2. Verdura Golf & Spa Resort, Sicily, Italy
Overlooking the Mediterranean, this course is new and offers all of the amenities that you would hope to find. Set amongst such a beautiful location, it can be tough to tear yourself away from appreciating the small Sicilian towns and sampling the wine, food, and local color in order to get your game on. But once you do, you’ll find some of the best competition in Italy.

Top 5 Golfing Holidays 23. La Iguana, Herradura Bay, Costa Rica
This challenging tournament course is set back just slightly from the majesty of one of Costa Rica’s best beaches, and is home to an abundance of wildlife. Caddies here are quick to point out iguanas, sloths, toucans, monkeys, and other animals that live near the course. Check out why golf Costa Rica vacation have become popular. The convenience of Los Suenos resort onsite is unparalleled.

4. Montgomerie Golf Links, Danang, Vietnam
Southeast Asia remains one of the cheapest places in the world to travel, so it’s easier to justify splurging on an excellent resort like this one designed by pro David Montgomerie. The beach nearby is unbelievably beautiful, and the local population is one of the friendliest that you’ll be able to find anywhere. Vietnam’s golf scene is very much in its infancy, so getting in sooner rather than later is highly recommended.

Top 5 Golfing Holidays 35. The Legend Golf & Safari Resort, Limpopo, South Africa
Set in a massive conservation area with access to unique wildlife, this is one of the best luxury destinations. With each hole designed by a different professional golfer to match a different style or concept, all of which blend together seamlessly, this is definitely one of the most unique courses. And if 18 just isn’t enough, there is an extra special 19th hole that is only accessible by helicopter. The landing area is an African-shaped green. How cool is that?

Inspired yet? Traveling to any of these destinations can be fulfilling not only for your golf game, but also for the wealth of cultural opportunities that they afford. Check them out!


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