E veryone knows that the Spanish know how to celebrate, and Christmastime is definitely no exception so gran some flights to Spain and find out for yourself! Many towns and villages throughout the country have their own unique holiday traditions, and the picturesque town of Torrox in Andalusia has a very popular one! Here in this little town in the south of Spain, lined with cobbled streets and whitewashed cottages, more than 40,000 visitors come to enjoy free food, wine and festivities on the Sunday before Christmas!

Torrox Migas Festival

What exactly are Migas, you may ask? Simpley enough, they are fried breadcrumbs- an Andalusian specialty, known as their “peasant dish” because the simple ingredients and seasonings make it the perfect dish for the people working on the land. Migas are a popular dish in many parts of Spain, eaten at all times of day and often with chorizo or mutton or even a fried egg mixed in. Simple, yet delicious!


In preparation for the gigantic Migas feast, a massive cauldron is set in the main square of Torrox along with 2000 kilos of flour and 500 liters of olive oil and the whole batch is cooked up in front of a boisterous crowd! In keeping with the spirit of the season, all attending the festival get a free bowl of Migas accompanied by a glass of local wine, usually a sweet white Muscat and a potato salad tapa.


It’s not just a free food and wine bonanza at the Migas festival; there are also plenty of craft booths, artist stands and other festivities happening throughout the day. The cooks start to prepare the migas in the morning and they are served around 1:30 pm, along with the wine and salad, then in the afternoon there are various theater groups, street artists, and dance shows to get everyone in a festive mood. Of course you will also find more food stands serving up wine, honey, raisins, figs and donuts as well. Later, music and dancing continue all night.


So whether you’re a foodie, traveling through Spain or just a fan of unique holiday festivals, the Torrox Migas Festival is bound to be a great experience celebrating the Christmas season with locals and other visitors!

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