P hotgraphy has never been more popular. Certain cameras are operational with manual functions that allow you a lot more freedomw when you’re taking your photographs. This also means that you should get to know the settings on your camera and understand how they work their magic to uplift your shots in any way possible.

With a little bit of research, your pics wil be worlds better. Before you know you’ll have prints all over your condo, and with Uprinting brochures, pics and the like such a stress free online printing option, there’s no reason not to turn your whole place into a personal gallery.

Read through as I have made the functions of the camera more easy and understandable to attain that perfect shot.

how to take a good photo
The ISO setting in the camera directs how sensitive a film is to the light. The lower the ISO is, the less sensitive it is to the light. Sometimes it measures the sensitivity of the image sensor in digital photography. If you are taking photos in the dark, you have to remember to set your ISO higher. But remember before you set your ISO higher, you should be aware of your surroundings and environment. If you want that perfect shot, make sure to set your ISO on its proper level to achieve the best snapshot.

Shutter Speed
The Shutter speed of a camera is the most basic and easiest setting to know. A shutter speed with 1/1000 second is known as a short exposure time. This can make you freeze moving objects at any direction. A 5 second slow shutter speed is known to have a longer exposure time. Not only it captures lights and more specifics, this action is also susceptible to have blurs on moving subjects. So it’s best to have a motionless hand or with a use of a tripod to take that faultless shot. A shutter is almost like your eyelid, it takes snapshots while opening and closing it and that’s when you also hear a flickering sound.

If you want to have the right exposure, you have to have sufficient light in a photo. There are over-exposed photos looking very bright, unclear and unsubtle. Under-exposed photos can also be too dark and you can’t even see the details on it. If you want to achieve that perfect exposure, first you have to adjust the ISO setting to a right level. If you are shooting photos on a steady environment, it just means that you don’t really have to play around with the ISO. Always remember that the lower the ISO is, the better the quality of your photo will appear. If you shoot indoors, try to set the ISO higher to make the balance of the exposure with just the right amount. The ISO setting and Shutter speed works hand-in-hand, so you can always have the best exposure.


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