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    Amsterdamse Bos

    The Amsterdamse Bos is a man made forest of about 985 hectares. There are no official MTB tracks but some paths and trails are no longer maintained and are fun to ride. Not funny is the immense number of pedestrians, all out to make the MTB rider's life difficult. Talking about Dutch tolerance... There is probably a hundred or so kilometers of paths, I usually do a round trip, from my house in Amsterdam, of 40 to 50 kms.

    Landmarks are the 'Bosbaan' and 'de Heuvel' a 30 meter high hill.

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    De Lage Vuursche

    Nice 11km trail with enough little ascends and descends, fast bits and slower technical bits with an occasional difficult patch of sand.

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  • My Koga XPM-M


    Spaarnwoude is an old dump ground that's tuned into a hilly park with an ATB track, a climbing wall and tracks for horseback riding.

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