Thailand 7th on the Dangerous Countries list

Thailand is no longer a tourist-friendly country.

On November 26, the people of the PAD movement in Thailand decided to hold over 300.000 foreigners hostage by refusing them to leave the country through main-port Bangkok.

I consider this a terrorist act and believe that Thailand is fully entitled to stay on the Dangerous Countries list until democracy has been fully restored and aggressive movements like PAD end all their activities.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, South Africa, Jamaica, Sudan
Colombia, Haiti, Eritrea, Liberia, Pakistan, Burundi, Nigeria,
Zimbabwe, India, Mexico, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Why such a strong statement?
Because my wife and my friends are being held there against their will after their holidays and with them many, many others.

Do not visit Thailand!
Update: They're back. Nevertheless: There are too many instable countries out there. Beware! Travel at your own risk!