Flirting with the devil...

Actually this is something I have been doing since this 'thing' came out. Back in 2005 I was totally impressed with BMW's plans to bring out the extreme HP2 series of bikes. The Enduro, the Megamoto and Sport. When they arrived in the shop I kept on flirting but never did the deed.

At the time my dealer told me 'the Enduro is nothing for you, better take the GS'. And when the '08 R1200GS came out I traded in my R1200S Special and never regretted a single day. But now, as I like the GS concept so much I started to think back to '05 when BMW introduced the awsome the HP2's. Too bad the Enduro is no longer made. In fact, BMW only produced 800 of them (although 1600 and 2000 has also been said) and only 20 officially came to the Netherlands (but there's actually a few more now overhere).

Lucky me I managed to locate the last HP2e on the planet. I'm now trying to get it, fingers crossed... Got it

he travelled the planet ; and found one...

Good Luck !

he travelled the planet ; and got one...

Congratulations !

Thanks buddy. Actually, this

Thanks buddy. Actually, this HP2 did all the traveling. Has been in Hellas, Greece, London, UK, Rijswijk, the Netherlands. And now he found a home :)