No more Vista, I switched to Linux

Update May 15 08 - Vista is fine, tons of applications, drivers, no issues. But...
Everybody needs a challenge every now and then right? Like I don't have enough of them!
But anyway, So I wiped my brand new Asus F8P notebook and installed Opensuse. No success, I couldn't get my screen resolution right, TV-Out didn't work, sound wasn't good, mouse behaved funny and so on.

But after a bit more research I decided to start over with Kubuntu. More specifically Kubuntu which adds the KDE desktop. 8.04 with KDE 3.5.9

As I'm a total novice when it comes to Linux it took me a bit of figuring out. But 2 days later I was up and running. Everything worked. TV-Out so I can play videos om my TV, sound, mouse, even the power-save settings are all working as they should.

Then I decided to give Kubuntu with KDE 4.0, the latest and greatest desktop a try. That's what they call it on the site anyway. Was I disappointed or not? Yes, I was. The interface looks horrible to me. I find the graphics terrible, the applications that come with it are not my cup of tea, the whole things looks kind of clumsy to me. Definitely a no for me.

Next try: Ubuntu with Gnome.

OK, it's Saturday afternoon now and I've been playing with Gnome a bit more. I have to say I like it better. I think it's a bit cleaner and I like it better that it comes with Firefox 3 (although installing apps like this is a breeze with the package manager...).

Everything worked. TV-Out so I can play videos om my TV, TV-Out works not as it should. You need to set the TV as a second monitor and srews up the main display making you hardboot and fix the graphics during boot-up,

Other than the ripple above I'm perfectly happy with Ubuntu. It runs stable and fast, all my Windows apps have a Linux equivalent (or was that the opposite?), It's there to stay with me (for a while).
As I'm not there yet I'll post some more in this blog later.